Site news

May 2012
A summary of changes and new goodies

October 2010
The current status of CGN and an overview of new content

February 2010
New content all over the site

November 2009
What has been added the during last 6 months...

September 2009
CGN development blog

May 2009
The gamecounter is above 900!

April 2009
Official CGN chat opened
Download system change

February 2009
FTP accounts are back

January 2009
Here it is, the list of new content!
Registration page modifications
Download limit increase
FTP server and RSS feeds
Question regarding downloads

December 2008
Forum is back
Hooray for backups!

September 2008
List of new content added since last update

July 2008
An overview of new content

June 2008
A bunch of new content

May 2008
New content

March 2008
A lot of new content is available!

January 2008
Our fix for the contributions system

November 2007
Finally some new downloads

October 2007
New version of the CGN Installer and new packages will be available within no-time

September 2007
16 New downloads are available
Even more ISO files are available for download
A bunch of new ISO files are available
Original Command & Conquer released as freeware

August 2007
A new month and some new games

July 2007
DOSBox 0.71 released
Finally some new games
Standard allowed download size upgraded from 50MB to 75MB.
Possible downtimes due server and site maintainence

April 2007
DNS Problems Solved
Houston, we've got a problem...

December 2006
Status update

June 2006
Premium accounts available
Contributions are back
Server downtime

April 2006
Please give him a warm welcome...
CGN Status update + Community news

March 2006
Game submissions reopened
Da Fast Lane Abandonware Awards 2005/2006

February 2006
Contributions re-release, new downloads, and bugfixes...
A brand-new contributions system, and 63 new downloads!

January 2006
New downloads, updated applications and an improved feature...
Registration process change
Yet another batch of downloads has been added
Status update
New downloads added
Here we are, finally...





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