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Author: Grades
Date: Dec 29 2008 - 22:52
I've re-enabled our forum earlier today. Unfortunately, the only backup we had was quite old, dated the 3rd of september.

Pretty much all parts of the site should be fully functional now. Any remaining issues will be sorted out soon.

Update: Someone reported a bug in the password recovery pages. This has now been fixed.

Update 2: Forgot to mention this earlier, but avatars can be changed again now.


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By Kamla - Jan 08 2009 - 16:26
I am sure that would increase the forum´s popularity.
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By Grades - Jan 01 2009 - 12:01
Kamla wrote:
Wouldn´t it be possible to connect the CGN account with the CGN forum?

Yes, but only if we completely clear it.
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By Kamla - Jan 01 2009 - 11:00
Wouldn´t it be possible to connect the CGN account with the CGN forum?
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By Ralphsmole - Dec 30 2008 - 22:35
Glad y'all are BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been real lonely in the WWW the last few weeks  :)
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By Crash - Dec 30 2008 - 16:28
The forums are dead, man...  -tongue-

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