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Author: Grades
Date: Apr 11 2006 - 22:16
We have a new crewmember: HanGing. He will be writing reviews for us as our official reviewer. He has been around the abandonware scene quite some time, and has now returned after a period of inactivity.

I'll take this opportunity to create a "crew" page which lists anyone involved with CGN, and their specific task(s). This should make it easier to get support when you have a problem.

Voting has now been closed on the abandonware awards at Da Fast Lane. The results will be presented live April 30 7:00pm GMT.

Update: The awards ceremony still hasn't taken place yet. Read the details here and here.


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By Grades - Jun 09 2006 - 19:14
Yes, but we don't always process the submissions in the order we receive them.
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By Slorginvasion - Jun 09 2006 - 16:08
hmmm strange, i've submitted something (fifa 97) 4 days ago and its still not done :|

did CGN recieved the file succesfully????
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By Bamba - Jun 08 2006 - 23:14
Grades you did a good job, everytime i submitted something today, it was done a half hour later.

Good job ! ;)
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By Grades - Jun 08 2006 - 00:12
I must have been busy working on it at that time.
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By Arco349 - Jun 07 2006 - 22:18
I was 5 seconds from submiting a game before the contribution system shut down again :(

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