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Author: Grades
Date: Apr 08 2009 - 01:56
Earlier today I've changed the part of our website that handles the downloads, because there have been some reports about downloads failing.

The new system should function completely the same way as the old one - that is, clicking a download link should download the file, hehe :) - so the change should be invisible to pretty much everyone.

I've tested everything thoroughly, but it is of course possible that a sneaky little bug managed to slip through. If you get any errors related to the downloads, please do not hesitate to contact us either by mail, on-site message, or on the forums.

Actually, there's something I would like to mention: It's very important that you tell us about any problem you encounter. All bugs, no matter how small, are important to us. We absolutely love our site, and would like nothing more than for all of you to be happy CGN users ^^

So again, if you see a bug, please report it. It's only a small effort, and you help everyone by doing so :)

UPDATE: Some downloads do not work (those with a ' in their name). I'm working on it...

UPDATE 2: All downloads should work now :)


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By Legendary - Apr 12 2009 - 14:36
All support questions go in the forums:

Make an account there if you have a game problem and post it, it only takes 2 minutes. :)
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By Escripin - Apr 12 2009 - 10:39
When I play Rayman freezes when the intro comes out. does anyone had the same problem? Also I wonder if there is music or is just my pc.
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By Grades - Apr 11 2009 - 22:04
Lopejc wrote:
Having trouble downloading megaman x get half way then quits and igetter download manager said download broken.

Downloadlinks are only valid for 5 minutes (only gets checked when you *start* a download, so running downloads are unaffected). I know it breaks download managers (specifically when resuming a download), but it's either that, or having our links/bandwidth stolen.

I might increase the limit to 30 minutes, but not more.
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By Grades - Apr 11 2009 - 11:58
Sgt76 wrote:
I get a 403 error everytime I try to download something after 10-15mins.

That's normal. Download links are only valid for 5 minutes. It wouldn't take long for other sites to steal our links otherwise  :|
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By Sgt76 - Apr 11 2009 - 09:35
I get a 403 error everytime I try to download something after 10-15mins.

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