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Author: Res
Date: Sep 07 2007 - 17:05
I try to add as much ISO files as I can get concerning games that we already have on the site and aren't warez. I have added seven more ISO downloads, I have listed them below.

Please note: When you have an ISO archive of a certain game that doesn't have an ISO download yet and isn't rated as warez then please send me a PM.

Here is the list of new ISO files:
- Destruction Derby 2 (ISO)
- Fade to Black (ISO)
- Fatal Racing (a.k.a. Whiplash) (ISO)
- Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds (ISO)
- Pirates Gold! (ISO)
- Quarantine II: Road Warrior (ISO)
- WarCraft: Orcs and Humans (ISO)

Please note:
Some of them are currently being uploaded so when you get a warning that the file doesn't show up on the server just check it out later.


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By Sora - Oct 13 2007 - 14:10
The Test Drive series games was kinda great actually!!!!!!! ;)  -tongue-  :D  :)
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By Sora - Oct 13 2007 - 14:08
I like full racing games so much so I'll think I'll download those! :|  :) For example,Test Drive 4,Test Drive 5 & Test Drive 6 !
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By Subsist - Sep 14 2007 - 04:27
sweeet list!

and Da_man; Why dont you upgrade to a lifetime member instead? This site rocks!
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By Res - Sep 09 2007 - 22:19
Full games of course :)
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By Hummers - Sep 08 2007 - 14:48
To bad I don't have any games to upload. I can check but I doubt I do.

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