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Author: Grades
Date: Apr 06 2006 - 20:14
Community news by Da Fast Lane
Yesterday the "There is no community news in our database" message finally got replaced by a nice list of newsitems. To provide you with news about abandonware sites, software and games, we have teamed up with Da Fast Lane, a site which provides abandonware news and an large encyclopedia, surrounded by a beautiful design.

We really encourage you to give them a visit, they deserve it! And be sure to check out the community news section often, which you can find below the regular newsposts.

Abandonware Awards 2006
Da Fast Lane is also the host of the official abandonware awards. This year, we have been nominated in quite a few categories. If you like the service we provide, you might want to support us now ;)

Where is the contributions system?
Many of you have asked/complained about this already...
To make a long story short, I (grades) had to move my entire development system to a new laptop and operating system, which took some time. I am able to work on CGN again, but there's still some work I have to finish before I can re-enable the contribution moderation panel.

I had to disable it to prevent our site from turning into a list of games without content, and to keep the general quality level of the site high enough. Most changes will be entirely on the moderators' side of the system, but everyone will benefit from them.

Where is Res?
Res has some personal problems that are more important than CGN right now. Neither him or me will give you any details, so don't bother asking. He barely has time left to visit the site, so doing his regular administrator tasks is out of the question. Don't worry though, as he will be back soon :)

For now, please don't try to contact him if you have a problem/suggestion/complaint/... , but contact me instead. I will make sure CGN stays online, and continues to improve while he is gone.

Where are the updates?
For those who have been irritated/angry at us for not updating the site... we are people too, and CGN isn't the only activity in our life. We try to give you a great service, and dedicate a lot of our time to CGN in doing so.

Things might not be enjoyable right now, but in the end, CGN will be better than before. We hope you understand this.

Thanks :)


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By Bamba - May 08 2006 - 14:19
This site is dead? Nothing happens? You said there would go a few more days.. :|
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By Crash - May 06 2006 - 08:49
Shouldn't it be up by now?
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By Dragonman4 - Apr 10 2006 - 22:29
You should've asked these questions in the forum.

1. Read this forum topic

2.You can submit content as soon as that message disappears. Read the newspost you just posted your comment in for details.

3. Yes of course you can. Head over to the forums and post a topic on what you want to submit
Post it here
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By Dgsige - Apr 10 2006 - 21:42
Hi, i'm new to this site and i have 3 questions.

1-How do you create ISO's?

2-How can you submit contenent? I get a message saying it's not available right now.

3-Can i submit contenent for classic games not listed on this site? (like populus the begining)
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By Legendary - Apr 10 2006 - 18:34
Removed the comment, only English is allowed on this site.

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