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Author: Res
Date: Jul 26 2007 - 11:15
As you can see some new games are available. I'm currently checking out all contributions, we are talking about 3200+ contributions. I have removed a lot of contributions (double entries, incorrect, incomplete, etc.) but of course I have also accepted a lot of stuff. For instance over 75 new screenshots, ten cheat documents, five manuals, and so on are available by now.

Here is a list of content and changes I've done the last 48 hours.

- Company: Apogee - Establishment part updated
- Company: Audiogenic logo fixed
- Company: Bitmap Brothers logo fixed
- Company: Capstone Software logo fixed
- Company: Dynamix company information updated
- Company: Denton Designs information updated
- Company: GT Interactive status information updated
- Company: Impressions status information updated
- Company: Infocom information updated
- Company: Rage Software Limited status information updated
- Company: Taito logo fixed
- Company: U.S. Gold information updated
- Company: Krisalis Software Ltd. added to database
- Company: Monolith added to database
- Company: Gathering of Developers added to database
- Company: Bungie Studios added to database
- Company: Sunflowers added to database
- Game: Die Hard 2: Die Harder - Publisher info updated
- Game: Crusader: No Remorse - Publisher and Developer info updated
- Game: Sabre Team - Publisher and Developer info updated
- Game: Blood: Plasma Pack - Developer info updated
- Game: Blood 2: The Chosen - Developer info updated
- Overall: Over 12611 accounts are removed (inactive for two year)
- Overall: Cleaned up all comments on cheat pages
- Overall: Cleaned up all comments on company pages
- Overall: Cleaned up all comments on application pages
- Application: VDM Sound download added
- Application: Screen Thief download added
- Application: VideoThief download added
- Game: A2 Racer download added (ISO)
- Game: Deep Sea Challenge download added (ISO)
- Game: Railroad Tycoon II (Special Edition) added + CGN Installer packed
- Game: F1ROC: Race of Champions (SNES) added
- Game: Lamborghini: American Challenge (SNES) added
- Too much to list here.


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By Dan2X - Aug 09 2007 - 14:58
Pray more to come ^^
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By Timeticker - Jul 29 2007 - 08:05
Yay! The pay-off is definately worth it!
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By Xonic - Jul 28 2007 - 07:18
Finally! I also noted that my submissions for X-Zone on SNES paid off. This game is a rare piece of gaming histoy.
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By Dragonman4 - Jul 28 2007 - 00:29
Nice job Res ^^

@Futuramaguy42. House of dead was removed because it was being sold by Sega. I guess the other games that you had it mind also got removed for similiar reasons
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By Futuramaguy42 - Jul 27 2007 - 22:02
Why was house of the dead and some other good games that worked removed?

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