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ID Software

Name: ID Software
Established: 1991
Status: Active
Links: Official site
Submitter: Res
Added: Dec 26 2005

Company description

ID Software is the company behind the "next generation" 3D-Shooters, this means high quality graphics shoot 'm up games in a full three dimensional environment. Some examples are Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein 3D. First of all ID Software wrote some "basic" platform games such as the Commander Keen series but later on, in May 1991, they launched a totally new kind of 3D Shooter called "Wolfenstein 3D" (Shareware Version), it had only one episode but for gamers it was a shot of pure adrenaline. This was the first big success of ID. Later ID software wrote some other high quality 3D shooters, like Doom (1993) and Quake (1996), both games contained a multiplayer option which was almost unique for 3D shooters and was one of the reasons why both games became very popular.

Some games developed or published by this company


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