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Street Rod 2

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Name: Street Rod 2
Year: 1991
Publisher: California Dreams
Developer: Logical Design Works
Platform: PC
Genre: Racing
Total rating: 83.2% - rated 32 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: May 23 2004
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Diskboy3k
Date: May 24 2004 - 23:54
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Well, street rod 2 by california games, I got this a long time ago, and it was pretty damn good back then, it hasn't however ages all that well though, the grapics are really starting to look quite old and everytime you play it, the graphics just seem to get more boring and so does the game and also the speed of the game seems to be just slower and slower. But back in 1990 it was quite a good game with nice graphics. The difference between street rod 1 and 2 is quite small, the only real differences are the age and type of cars (about 10 years difference) and also theres a few more types of drag races you can compete in in this sequel. There is only a slight difference in graphics for the 2 games too.

The plot of the game is quite simple, you buy used cars and drag race them for money or pink slips, the cars you are able to buy range in price and speed and reliability, the types of cars you can race are Mustang's, Chevy Camaro's, V8 Corvettes, Pontiac GTO's and the very impressive Dodge Charger! You also will be able to purchase used car parts also out of the newspaper's classifieds, you can buy spare parts such as new tyres, manifolds, engines, exhausts, carbies, mufflers, fuel injecters and tunnel rams. other things you can do to your purchased car is chop the roof and bumpers, and give it a new paint job, each will cost you a bit of money and prolly wont impact on the performance of the car too much.

When you start the game, you start off with $1200 bucks, which is just enough to buy you a '63 Vette, which is good enough to start off with and be able to win small amounts of money to build the car up into a bit of a speed machine, sell it and buy something faster and more reliable like the Charger which is a couple of grand compared to the 800 or so bucks for the Vette. The types of races available to race in are the drag race, which can be for $10, $50 or just for kicks, Mullholland Drive for $50 or $150 or for pink slips and the same for the aqueduct (similar to the drag race on the movie grease).

When starting the game, you get the choice of ega/vga/cga/hercules/tandy graphics for graphics and adlib or normal for sound options, the only thing that could have been better about the game is maybe some good aussie cars, perhaps a Monaro!

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By Sievers - Feb 09 2012 - 12:44
Street Rod 1 & 2 are still my favourite Racing/Tuning games, even if they're 20 years old^^

Great cars, nice Tuning (especially the engine parts) and great classical 60's feeling  :)
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By Omehenk - Aug 28 2011 - 17:14
great game but never knew the name, lucky to find it here. lets ee if i can win that mullholland race now
User avatar
By Drugsaregood - Jan 09 2011 - 09:10
sr3 sucks, this game is all about the 2d, if you want better looking graphics i would personally play NFSU2 but GT5 is probably in 3D.
Some one should just give the old street rods a bid of a face lift
like hand drawn 2d looks f***ing awesome.
User avatar
By R8a - Apr 28 2009 - 10:33
A great game. - and really difficult!

hope the sr3 fan dev team comes from the dead and release the sequel :$
User avatar
By Next_in_line - Apr 15 2009 - 08:53
i found a little funny mistake in the review because it says "Well, street rod 2 by california games" when its 'California Dreams' and missed the capital 'C'

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