The Lost Vikings - Review

Author: Swizzle
Date: Jun 04 2004 - 10:50
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The Lost Vikings is one of my favorite games from Interplay. You control three (3) Vikings that have been kidnapped by Tomator who is collecting life forms to display in his gallery. Each Viking has a specific skill, and you will have to use them all together as a team to clear each level.

The first Viking Eric is the fastest of the three and is the only one that can jump. He can also bash down certain walls with his head, and hurt certain enemies. Olaf carries a shield which can be used in protecting the group from enemy attacks, and deflecting certain things. He can also use the shield to glide when walking off of a tall object, and use it as a support to help Eric reach higher places when he jumps. Finally, the last Viking Baleog is the one that carries a sword and arrows to attack enemies. He can also use his arrows to hit objects such as buttons.

The game spans 37 levels, and 5 worlds. The worlds include Space, Jurassic, Egypt, High Tech, Toys, and will end in Space again. There´s enough game play and content to keep you busy for a long time. The games replayability is low due to the fact that the game is based upon puzzle solving. There are several action areas, however, the majority of the game is based upon puzzle solving.

Overall this is a very fun action/puzzle game that should be in every games collection. The game was also released on the Super Nintendo and Genesis. In 1997 Interplay released a sequel to this game titled Norese by Norsewest: The Return of the Lost Vikings.

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