Quake - Review

Author: Pringles1942
Date: Sep 16 2009 - 15:24
Score: 40 points
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Quake is one of those games that you need to play before you die. Most of my best gaming memories come from this game, and ever since Iíve played co-op with one of my friends, I could never put Quake down.

First of all, at the time this game came out, most shooters where still using 2D sprites. Well, Quake was noticeably different in many ways. First, the models where fully 3D, and they may have looked blocky, but this was some great graphics. Textures were gorgeous, and even the sky was good looking!

The gameplay is hands down, some of the best experiences youíd ever experienced in a game ever. Itís fun, intense, and thereís never a point in the game where youíre bored. And, for the first time ever in a game, you can swim in water, acid (not recommended), and lava (also not recommended). And itís done really well! The bosses, boy they are HUGE. Especially the first one, when I was playing with a friend, when we met the first boss, we both said at the same time HOLY CRAP! So yes, gameplay is amazing.

Quake pretty much has the same thing going on with the story as Doom did, except itís not demons, itís an alien force called the Strogg. But pretty much, the game is meant for fun, not storytelling.

If you never played Quake, or you have, but only the shareware, Iíd recommend finding this game online, and buying it. If you ever need a game with good, intense co-op, or just something to play because you are sick of the new stuff out there today, then go play some Quake right now!

Iíd give Quake a 10/10. Itís just a great game to play with yourself, or with a friend.

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