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The House of the Dead 2 - Walkthrough HOTD 2

Author: Andersonkilao
Date: Jun 16 2006 - 22:12
Type: Walkthrough
Title: Walkthrough HOTD 2
Score: 30 points
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I. Preface

This FAQ is about how to beat The House of Dead without any continue. This
game was made three years ago, however, very few people truly master this
game due to its high difficulty. I have been a big fan of The House of Dead
game since the 1se one released in U.S, after many attempts and practicing,
I finally able to beat the game without any continue, sometimes without even
being hit once. I have seen countless people keep dying in this game and
wasting their money to continue, that's why I decided to write this FAQ
before the 3rd the House of Dead comes out.

I have met a master player CJ when I was in Asia (Cheng Jie), I saw him scored
above 98,800, which was the highest score I have ever seen in my life. He did
teach me a lot about this game, and with his tactics, finally I was able to
beat the game without even being hit once, with score 97,662, not as high as
his, but good enough to beat many records in U.S. Many parts of this FAQ was
from what he thought me before, it is a shame that I don't have his phone
number, or e-mail address.

Of course, there are spoilers ahead.

II. General Strategies

Behind the neat graphic and tight story line, the House of Dead 2 is
actually a very difficult shooting game, it requires much more than accuracy
to complete without any continue.

Before you attempt to accomplish the one credit game goal, you have to learn
how to hold and reload the gun. First, the old-school classic way to reload-
shoot outside the screen is not fast enough to handle some tough monsters in
this game, you have to learn how to reload with your left hand-when you
reload the gun, just use your left finger to block the gun and it will be
automatically reloaded. It will save you more than one second and make a BIG

Press trigger with your MIDDLE finger, your middle finger is much more
powerful and it can help you to shoot faster.

When you try to kill monsters, shoot their heads instead of legs or arms.
Heads are always the weakest spot of about every kind of monsters,
regardless bosses. Even the strongest monster in this game, his head won't
have any chance against four bullets hitting constantly, however, if you try
to destroy their bodies, it will take you a while, and you are not going to
make it before they hit you.

Always watch carefully see if there is any innocent person coming out before
the monsters, any miss shot will bring one life deduction to you. The best
way is to memorize the rescuing locations and practice how to rescue those
people without killing him by accidents. If you successfully rescue EVERYONE
on your way, you will be able to enter bonus room and get three lives before
you face Emperor: Type Alpha. I will have more details about how to rescue
people in section three.

If you want to get the Roger ending, you have to score at least 80,000 and
the continue number should be zero. The keys of earning points are: 1. Kill
as many monsters as you can 2. Rescue as many people as you can 3. Beating
the game as quickly as you can 4. Get hit as less as you can 5. Shooting
golden frogs and coins as many as you can. How to get high score is not the
major purpose of this FAQ, however, if you are interested in getting Roger
ending, breaking my record, or even master Chen's record, if your ambition
is great enough (I have never been able to get more than 98,000 points,
97,762 was the best I could do), then please check Appendix A for more
detailed information.

III. One credit game walkthrough

Note: I am not going to spend too much time on the story line; I am not
going to spend time on every route, either. I will simply explain how to
rescue people, mention the places that most people lose lives, and tips of
beating bosses, which are really related to a "One credit game". And this
section is based on a single player game. You start with three lives, and
you are controlling James.

a. The first Chapter: A Prelude

After Judgment's stupid speech, you will see three zombies walk toward to
James (you), shoot them quickly and you will be okay. I don't record much
people losing their lives here.

After James walks into the church, you will see two zombies. They are still
weak; after you see G sitting on the floor and giving you the monster book,
two zombies come out, one of them is equipped with axe and I saw many newbie
losing one life here, the tip of beating axe zombies is to shoot their head
like crazy-DO NOT shoot other parts just because they use their axes to
block their heads, two bullets will pierce through their axes and two more
shots on their heads they will be dead.

Now you see an Axe zombie just killed a woman, it is IMPOSSIBLE to rescue
her so just let her die, kill that zombie and you will see another zombie is
chasing another woman, I suppose Zombie like to marry human instead of
zombies, too. Just like us. This one is easy, shoot the upper part of the
zombie quickly, you should be able to finish him with 4~6 bullets, of course
you cannot miss too many.

NOTE: Here comes a tough one. The woman you just saved asked you to rescue
another guy, he is chasing by another zombie (probably a female zombie^_~)-
don't let your guard down, you have to defeat THREE zombies here in order to
rescue this poor guy!!! I have seen countless people fail to rescue this
The zombie is between James and the guy, and his head is not shown clearly,
quickly shoot on the zombie's back 3~4 times-DO NOT shoot more than that, or
you will kill the guy after you kill the zombie.

Two more zombies now appear. Defeat the one in the left side of screen, and
then defeat the one is the right side of the screen before they reach that
poor guy. They do not face you directly, so it is hard to exactly target
their heads. It is all right, shoot their upper parts and you will be able
to knock them down quickly. There is an extra life in the wooden boxes
behind that guy, if you want to get it, I suggest you rescuing the guy
first, then shooting the boxes with INSANELY speed, see if you could get it
before the guy says thank you.

There will be one more person chased by a zombie, an object blocks the
zombie's head so you have to shoot the body instead, this is an easy one.

After you defeat few zombie again, you will see worms come out with a group,
many people lose their lives here, the tip of killing them is to shoot like
crazy, you only need one shot to kill each of them, so if you truly master
the reloading trick, you will be fine here.

Two green zombies will try to strike you down on the bridge, be careful
here. After you finish the axe zombie on the second floor (watch out his
throwing axe, some people lose TWO lives here), be careful, there will be a
kid running out of the corner before the monsters do, let him go first, then
finish the monsters.

You will see two zombies with claw climbing on the two sides of the street
wall like the Spider Man you see in the movie. Shoot one down quickly before
you finish another one, and if one of them is too close to you, shoot him

Right before you fight the boss, you will a zombie on the bridge is trying
to hit a woman below with a barrel, the best way to rescue this woman is to
shoot the barrel first, the zombie will walk away, then you can strike him
down if you want. You have to finish one more zombie coming out from the
right, but you should not have too much trouble of getting this one. You
will receive one life from the woman if you save her, now you have four
lives with you.

Boss: Judgment Type 28/ Karl

1. Axe slash: Used when Karl is alive and after Judgment commands Karl to

2. Body tackle. Used when Karl is dead.

Weak Spot: Judgment itself.

Your goal: Defeat Judgment WITHOUT losing any life.

Judgment's agility is very annoying, it is very hard to track down his
flying pattern and shoot him. However, he will stop right above Karl when
Karl is close to you and ready to use his giant axe to hit James. This is a
good chance to attack, when you hear Judgment shouts out "Go! Karl", aim him
and shoot him. However, if you follow this old school way to fight Judgment,
you will give Karl too many chances to attack, and even a master player
misses target sometimes.

Although Karl is not actually the weak spot of Judgment, shooting Karl will
still damage Judgment a bit each shot, so you can reduce Judgment vitality
fast by shooting Karl like crazy, Karl is stupid and slow, you should have
no trouble of hitting him. Remember you still need to hit Judgment right
before Karl attacks, but if you follow this strategy, you will only give
Karl one or two chances to attack.

Master Cheng has told me this following tactics and I doubt who could find
out besides him: Actually, Judgment's flying pattern CAN be tracked, there
are two steel sighs on the left and the right side of the screen, if you
shoot the right side one constantly, you will find that you will hit
Judgment quite often, too. With bit luck, you can smash Karl down before he
could even have a chance to get close to you.

After Karl is defeated, here comes the tough part: Judgment starts to tackle
you, you have to hit him before he reaches you, and you need three shots to
kill him.

Here is how you kill Judgment:

1. If you see him flying left and right, wait 'till him get close to you and
shoot the left side of his flying pattern

2. If you see him flying upside and down, wait 'till him get close to you
and shoot the down side of his flying pattern.

3. If you see him flying to the far left side of the screen, wait 'till
him flying to the far right side of the screen, he will stop there for a
second and you can target him there.

4. If you see him flying to the far right side of the screen, wait 'till him
flying to the far left side of the screen, he will stop there for a second
and you can target him there.

After you kill him, you will receive one life if you save everyone in
chapter one, now you have full lives (five lives).

b. The second chapter: Muddy

You will see a car with a zombie blocking the front window, shoot the window
quickly, you don't have to aim the zombie because one or two shot he will be
dead, and you save the person. You MUST save this one or the second chapter
could be as difficult as the fifth chapter.

After you defeat several zombies, few axe zombies will attack you when you
are trying to climb stairs, shoot them from left to the right.

When you see a zombie jump off from the second floor, shoot him like crazy
and you will be able to kill him before he can even reaches the floor.

You will now see two zombies is trying to break the door and get the guy
inside, shoot them down and you just save the second person in this chapter,
it is impossible to miss this one because that person is protected by the
door and all you have to do is to shoot the zombies down.

Beware of the flying axe above your ahead. You will be attacked by a bat
when you are passing through a tunnel, many people lose a life or two here,
but actually it is easy to pass this part, just fire quickly to cover
yourself, you will hit him right before he bites you.

Now you are facing two sword zombies-I have seen A LOT of people get killed
right here. The problem is their flying axes, the neat graphic makes you can
barely see the flying axes. You have to watch very carefully in order to see
the axes. Concentrate on one of them first, then get another one. Shoot the
one is too close to you so you can push him back (if you can clearly see the
swords in their hands, they are too close to you.)

After you finish them, you will see a door and a key on the floor, SHOOT THE
KEY AND PICK IT UP!!! Or you will not be able to face Hyprophant on the
Sunset Bridge, you will fight him on a wooden bridge instead, it will be
much harder.

You will see a child chased by a fat zombie-many people failed to rescue
this child. I must admit, it is very hard to get this one, but not
impossible. Target the door carefully and shoot the zombie's head right
after he comes out the house, if you are fast enough, you will be able to
finish him in two shots. Of course if you failed, don't give up!!! Target
the zombie carefully, move your gun from left to right SLOWLY and shoot him
like crazy. If you cannot save this poor child, you are still going to face
me ^_^ (Hyprophant) on the wooden bridge.

After you save the child, he will ask James to save his father, after you
kill several weak zombies, you will see a locked door in front of you, shoot
the lock ONCE to unlock the door, then here comes out the child's dad chased
be a weak zombie, finish the zombie with two shots.

After you finish the enemies in the room, you will see three boxes on the
street, the bottom one contains a life box, DO NOT use it if you have full
life now, save if for later.

Here, An old man is chased by a weak zombie and a fat zombie is rushing
toward to you, rescue the old man first and shoot fat zombie's head to kill
him quickly. If you lose a life here, don't worry, remember that life box?
You can get it later.

You will see three zombies riding a boat, shoot them before they land and
you should have no problem here.

You will see a young guy chased by an axe zombie, and the zombie is BEHIND
the guy, so how do you save him? The answer is shoot the zombie right after
he raises his axe and ready to attack, you can target the zombie's head and
you will be able to kill him in two shots.

You think you saved him? Yes you did, but you are going to be attacked by a
chain saw Zombie, his chain saw sometimes blocks his head, you will need
around 4~6 shots in order to take him down, so you'd better be quick. This
Zombie won't attack the guy, and you will receive a life from this guy if
you rescue him.

Watch out the flying axes from the second floor, and three killer fish when
you are crossing the water. After you defeat few more weak zombies, two fat
zombies will rush toward to you-so many people lose one life here. The tips
of beating them is to shoot the left one first, shoot hid head quickly and
save your time for the second one. You will have to fight four other zombies
after this part, but they are weak compare to these two fat Zombies.

Boss: Hyprophant Type B 05

Weak Spot: Heart, protected by gills.


Trident stab: Used when Hyprophant's vitality is more than half.

Killer Fish attack: Used when Hyprophant's Vitality is dropped below half.

Jumping attack: Used when Hyprophant's Vitality is dropped below 1/4, or James
has survived three waves of Killer Fish attack.

Your goal: Defeat Hyprophant with no more than one life losing.

Hehehe that's me ^_~. Actually, his name is Hierophant, but I don't know why
in Japan and most of Asian countries, his/her name is Hyprophant, well, it
does not matter, I am invincible, and your life ends here!!!

I was kidding; Defeating Hyprophant is not really that hard. Hyprophant only
uses his regular Trident stab at the beginning of the battle; you will have
to hit Hyprophant's heart constantly before he reaches you.

Although Hyprophant walks like a drunkard and it seems like impossible to
catch his walking pattern, if you look at Hyprophant's heart closely
, his heart only moves left and right like Judgment, with speed much lower,
so you should not have any trouble to hit Hyprophant's heart if you are
being cautious. Once you hit Hyprophant's heart, he/she will cover his/her
heart with two pieces of gills. Don't seize the fire, shoot Hyprophant's
heart like crazy!!! You just have to keep fire Hyprophant's heart, no matter
it is protected or not, because you will be able to hit Hyprophant's heart
as soon as the gills are opened this way. After you bring Hyprophant's
vitality down to 50%, Hyprophant will jump into the water.

He will now use killer fish attack, but don't be bothered by those fish,
keep shooting Hyprophant's heart, each time you hit the heart, Hyprophant
will struggle and stop calling fish, only shoot fish when they are really
close to you. It only takes you one bullet per fish, so they really cannot
process much threat to you. After you hurt him/her three times, Hyprophant
will back on the bridge again.

Note: If you are not confident about your skill, then concentrate on
defending killer fish is a good idea, too. Hyprophant will stop Killer fish
attack if you can survive three waves of attacks. Do not lose life here.

Now Hyprophant has only 1/4 of vitality left (if you do shoot him/her three
times during his/her 2nd phase attack), he will now use his/her jump attack.
I have seen many people having trouble in this part, especially a single
player game. The best strategy is: Don't let Hyprophant has chance to jump.
Before Hyprophant jumps, he/she always inhales first and his/her gills are
opened, shoot Hyprophant's heart like crazy and if you hit the target
successfully, he will stop jumping. Use this tactic to prevent Hyprophant's
first two jumps. The final jump is unavoidable; you have to get one with
your skill. Watch carefully, Hyprophant's speed reaches Zero when he/she is
at the peak, and his/her heart will open, shoot Hyprophant 's heart when
he/she is at the highest point to finish this battle. If you get hit once
here, finish Hyprophant when he/she is still close to you (his/her heart
will just cover about the entire screen...I don't see how could you miss it).

You will receive one life if you save more than five persons in the chapter,
and according to the walkthrough, you could save six people. Now you still
have full lives.

c. The third chapter: Darkness

James and all the folks are riding a boat now. You will face four green
zombies at the beginning, of course your friends on the boat won't help you,
you have to deal them yourself.

Many people lose their lives here, and I have seen many people lost more
than two lives here, what a shame. The best way to defeat them safely is to
shoot them while they are still in the water. You will finish two of them
this way. About another two, shoot their head when they are trying to climb
the boat and bite you. Sometimes they jump high and use arm attacks,
consider you are unlucky if this happens. You have to move your gun and
track down their heads before they hit you.

When your boat go through underneath a bridge, you will see a zombie right
above your head, shoot him four times VERY QUICKLY or his will get you here.

When you see two bats, don't try to aim them when they are afar, wait 'till
them get close to you, then fire somewhere close to the middle of the
screen. Easy and simple.

You will then see a guy in the water, two green zombies behind him. The
camera allows you hit two zombies easily, give each of them one shot and
they will be dead. It is amazing to see such weak monsters in the third

You will see another boat, an old guy is on it and he is attacked by a green
zombie, I have seen countless people shot and kill the poor old man by
accident, and you MUST save him, or you will be forced to fight Tower and
Strength in different locations, which will make things much harder.

Don't shoot him until the boat is getting close to your boat and the monster
is trying to attack the old man, shoot the zombie right after he opens his
arms, one or two shot will finish him easily.

Amy now screams " James, over there!" and here comes a regular zombie and an
axe zombie. Finish the axe zombie first and don't let him get any close to
you, because due to the stupid camera, his head won't be in the screen and
you cannot hit it.

Amy screams "James, over there!" again, and she won't help you, of course.
Even she gets a gun in her hand, I always wonder if that's just a
decoration. Four zombies are running toward to you and one of them is the
fat zombie. It is VERY HARD to keep your lives here, because you are
outnumbered and the enemies are too close to you. In order to survive, hit
the fat one's head with three bullets and see if you could knock him down,
if you can, quickly finish the axe one, then the other two.

There is a life in the box in the right side of screen after the four
zombies part, don't miss it. Especially if you just lost one life.

This annoying ***** Amy screams again "James, over there!" Okay, now what's
the big idea this time? Ah, there is a woman far away and she is about to be
killed by a zombie. This one is very hard to save. Even I can't say I could
save her every time. The key is lying on your quick finger and reloading
speed. You will need around 6~8 bullets in one second to finish the zombie
in order to save the woman.

Now here comes lots of bats...with quick fire trick you will be fine here.
After you finish few more week zombies, you will see a guy chased by two
skinny zombies. They are very weak and slow, I have barely seen people who
couldn't save him, so I won't mention anything here.

Boss: Tower Type 8000

Weak spots: Main head/slaves heads


Slave heads attack: used in his first form

Energy charge: Used when all the slave heads are destroyed.

Your goal: Lose no more than one life in the first phase, and lost no life
in the second phase.

This boss has five heads. He could be the easiest boss in the entire game,
however, if you let your guard down, his slave heads could kill you easily.

All you have to do is to hit the slave heads. Each time you hear them
inhale, it means one of the slave head are ready to attack. Shoot it before
it hit you. Sometimes there will be two slave heads charge at about the same
time, don't get nervous, watch carefully and shoot the one actually moves
first, then take care of another one.

The one at far right is the main problem, because of the camera, it is hard
to hit this one when it is trying to attack you. Every time none of the
slave head is attacking, shoot the far right one. Remember: YOU DON'T HAVE
people think you can only damage them when they are charging you that is
deadly wrong. Finish that troublemaker and the rest is a piece of cake.

After you destroy all the slave heads, Tower will run away with the main
head, of course you have to get him. The only thing you need to know is to
shoot him when he is charging far away, don't wait for him to attack you.
You will not lose any life here, his second phase is just too easy.

You will receive one life if you save at least three people in this chapter,
you can save four for the maximum.

The Fourth Chapter: Despair

The biggest good for nothing Amy just called you, sounds like they are in
trouble. You are now on your way to save them.

You will be attacked by three skinny zombies, shoot them quickly and you
will be fine. Next are a masked zombie and a knife zombie, block the
throwing knife with you bullets, finish the masked zombie first with 4~5
bullets on his head, then finish another one.

Then you will see a person seized by a zombie, it is almost impossible to
shoot the zombie's head, that's why many people fail to rescue this guy,
actually, you only need to shoot the zombie's leg ONCE and you will kill him
and save that poor guy. You will receive one life if you rescue the young
guy successfully.

Don't let your guard down, you will have to save another person in few
seconds, and you MUST save this one, or you will fight Strength in s
different location and it will be much more difficult. Shoot the zombie's
head three times quickly before he pulls the person into the tunnel; be
careful not to shoot the innocent. If you kill him, you have to go in the
tunnel as well.

Finish two lizards then you will see another Lizard with a Giant sword
zombie, finish the Giant sword zombie first. He is very slow and you should
not have any problem here.

After you enter the door, two masked zombie are waiting for you there. You
have to finish the first one within 4 shots or less, so you will have time
to finish another one. You may lose one life here easily, so don't blame
yourself if you do get hurt.

You will now see two Giant sword zombies and a skinny zombie chases an
innocent, SAVE THE INNOCENT first or you won't have any chance. Two shots
will be able to kill the skinny zombie, reload your gun and shoot one of the
Giant zombies quickly, use five shots here and use the last one on the
second Giant sword zombie, reload your gun again and shoot him quickly, you
will be able to kill him just before his sword is about to hit you.

Beware of the following three zombies, block their throwing knives first
then shoot them. They are very slow, so you should not have any trouble

Boss: Strength Type 205

Weak spot: Head


Chain saw attack: Used when he is very close to you.

Throwing axe: used only twice.

Your goal: Lose less than two lives in this battle

You will fight Strength in the coliseum, this battle is truly amazing,
exciting and difficult. Because of the camera, Strength's chain saw
sometimes blocks his bead and make him invincible, and Strength runs fast,
the sound of chain saw also makes many players nervous.

This battle is divided into many sections; in each section, you have to
damage Strength at least three times, then Strength will hide and show up
somewhere again. The best tip to beat him is not to let him get close to
you. When he is far away from you, his chain saw will not block his head, go
ahead and shoot it like crazy. Strength does walk in a strange way, but his
head does not move that much, don't let the body bother you.

If you let Strength get close to you, don't worry, calm down. When he raises
his chain saw and tries to hit you, he is defenseless and it is your best
chance to attack, shoot him right on time and push him back.

His throwing axe attack is very easy to block, I won't waste my time here.

In one section, you will see Strength on the top and he will jump off and
attack you with his chain saw, almost everyone loses one life here, the tip
to pass this part safely is to focus your fire a bit below his head when
Strength is about to jump. When he jumps off, you will hit his bead most of
time, IF NOT, move your gun down quickly and see if you are fast enough to
hit strength before he hits you.

You will receive one life if you save all three people in this chapter. And
you should have four or more lives.

The fifth chapter: Dawn

Harry told you to use his car and whoop Goldman's ass. Before you reach the
parking space you will see two solider zombies first, their defense are
insanely high, so shooting their heads is the only option if you are not
willing to lose one life here.

Here come two gray zombies, if you shoot their bodies, they will struggle
and release the...earthworms (Okay, I will call them earthworms here.) to bite

You can kill them within two shots if you shoot their heads, DO NOT do that,
shoot their bodies instead. When they are struggling, you can get the life
box inside the barrels behind them. Shoot down the earthworms before they
bite you.

You get Harry's car, but before you start the car, you will see three
zombies first, block the throwing knife first, kill two solider zombies
first, and then finish the last one.

Boss: Judgment Type 28/Karl (Rematch)

Your goal: Not to lose any life here.

This shameless loser asked Goldman to give him another chance, but he does
not know how to improve himself, so just use the same strategies you used to
beat him. The only difference is that there is not steel sighs here, so you
just have to shoo Karl like crazy instead, and shoot Judgment when you heard

After you farewell this loser, you will see another car with one zombie
stand in the front of the car. Due to the stupid camera, you CAN NOT see his
head, you have to shoot at least 8 times on his body before he kicks you,
however, it is not the worst, the worst is the following TWO solider zombies
in such a close range!!! It is almost impossible to lose no life here unless
you can shoot very quickly, you will need five bullets to destroy each,
finish the left one within LESS than 2 seconds so you could have more time
to deal with the second one. Don't blame yourself if you lose one life here.
I got hurt here quite often.

Two silver zombies now jump in the front of your car, you don't have to
destroy them, if you shoot them constantly, they will miss the target,
Finish the left one first then shoot the right one, DO NOT CHANGE THE
ORDER!!! You will be able to kill the left one and the right one will slash
and miss you.

Boss: Hyprophant Type B 05 (Rematch)

Your goal: Not to lose any life here.

Sad, sad... Hyprophant is back with MUCH LESS defense, he/she even forgot how
to do killer fish attack. If you can fire fast enough and aim his/her heart
well. You can trap Hyprophant in the middle of the screen and he/she won't
even have a chance to move. Other than that, use the same strategies you
used to defeat Hyprophant again.

You will now see four zombies far away, they are ALL very strong, so don't
wait 'till your car is close to them, shoot them from afar!!! You will deal
enough damage before you reach them and they will be a bunch of pushovers.

Two silver zombies jump in the front of your car again, this time you should
shoot the right one first, then the left one, DO NOT CHANGE THE ORDER.

Before you reach Goldman's headquarter, two gray zombies and two solider
zombies are on your way-many people lost TWO lives here. The strategy to
defeat them is to kill the solider zombie in the left side first, then shoot
two gray zombies-DO NOT SHOOT THEIR HEADS!!! Shoot their bodies instead,
they will struggle in front of you and prevent the deadly solider zombie
attacking you. Finish him first, then take care of the earthworms.

Boss: Magician Type 0

Weak spots: The red parts are not covered by his armor, they are located on
Magician's right arm, left leg and right leg.


Single beam shoot-used when his vitality is above 50%.

Double beam shoot-used when his vitality is above 50%

Rush attack-used every time you deal enough damage during his beam shoots

Divine wave-used when his vitality is below 50%.

Your goal: After you defeat him, you must have three lives or more.

Guess who's back? Back again? Magician is back... tell your friends!!! The
mighty Magician Typo 0 defeated by G and Harry, now is back to seek the

Magician has very high speed, and his beam attack is faster than any kind of
bullet, in order to defeat him, you have to master the reloading trick and
learn how to shoot fast first.

Magician uses single beam attack during his first two turns, you only need
4~6 shots to block it, shoot Magician's weak points when he is charging his

Magician uses double beam attack in his third turns, if you don't deal
enough damage in his first two turns, this attack is deadly, you will have
to shoot both beam 4 times before one of them reaches you, but it does not
matter if you stun Magician right here. Magician needs a longer time to
charge before he could fire this attack, so shoot his with all you got, even
if he has fired, DO NOT bother with blocking his attack, SHOOT him!! If you
deal enough damage on him, he will be stunned for a second and his light
beams will stop.

Magician will now use his rush attack, I have seen two guys lost 13 lives
here...Before Magician rushes toward to you, he always dash left and right
three times and tries to confuse you, watch his move carefully, after his
third dash, he will stop for a very short amount of time then rush toward to
you, aim his RIGHT LEG (your left side) and shoot it like crazy when he is
stopped, you will be able to hit him before he could even have a chance to
attack, don't let him have any chance to charge you.

Magician uses two rounds beams attack and two rounds of charge attack,
follow the tips above and beat his crap out of him. After you wipe out 50%
of his vitality, he will fly sky high and be ready to use his divine wave

Divine wave attack are actually 6 light beams, and you will need 12 bullets
total to complete block them. However, Magician needs a long time to gather
his energy before he fire his Divine wave, so shoot his right leg (due to
the camera angel problem, you are not able to aim his left leg, and you can
barely see his left arm) when he is gathering his energy, if you are quick
and your accuracy is VERY high, you can kill Magician before he attacks.

The final chapter: The Original Sin

Note: EVERY monster is this chapter is VERY strong, you have to ALWAYS shoot
their heads in order to survive. You almost deal NO damage on them if you
shoot their bodies or legs.

Three silver zombies guard the front door, they are pretty slow, and you
should not have any problem here.

Three Boomerang monsters are guarding the first floor, they are not really
that tough, but beware of their boomerang attack, defense yourself when it
is necessary.

Before you enter the elevator, two silver zombie will come out, since they
appear a bit far away from you, you will have enough time to shoot them down
before they can hit you.

After you reach the 50th floor, two silver zombies with chain saw are waiting
for you!!! They are very close to you and they are insanely tough to shoot
down. Your quick finger is the key to pass this part, finish the one in the
left first, then finish another one.

You will see two boomerang zombies again, but they are like Spider Man, one
of them is climbing on the wall and one is climbing on the cell. Shoot the
one on the cell first, with two or three shots you can shoot him down to the
floor, it will be much easier to fight him on the floor.

After you kill several zombies, you will enter a dark room-For God's sake,
KEEP FIRING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE screen and DO NOT stop, even if there is no
one there!!! In this room, Every time you turn around, you see a zombie with
VERY CLOSE range, if you start firing after you see the monsters, it will be
too late. There is a life in a green box in the left corner of the screen
somewhere, don't miss it.

Boss: Tower Type 8000

Your Goal: Not to lose any life here.

Now Tower's main head will join the force of his slave heads and attack with
them. This is the only new thing you need to know. Besides that, follow the
same strategies you used to defeat Tower before and you will be fine here.

After you come out the room and defeat some week silver zombies, you will
face three Boomerang zombies again, it appears to me that the one in the
left is relatively weak, so kill him first, then finish the other two.

You will see two Silver zombies with chain saws come out from both sides of
doors. Shoot the one in the left first. They are not as tough as the ones
you fight right after you come out the elevator.

If you SAVE EVERYONE in your game, then you will turn right and enter the
bonus room, there are THREE LIVES and some treasures there. If not, then you
will go straight.

After you climb upstairs, open a huge door-Goldman is right in front of

Boss: Emperor Type Alpha

Weak Spot: The red energy core.


Energy sword slash: used when he has more than 2/3 of his vitality.

Energy ball shots: Shoot four energy balls constantly, used when he has more
than 2/3 of his vitality.

Mega shot: Shoot four energy balls together, used when he has more than 2/3
of his vitality.

Judgment Transformation: All the energy balls transform to Judgment. Used
when Emperor's vitality is between 1/3 and 2/3

Hyprophant Transformation: All energy balls transform to Hyprophant. Used
when Emperor's vitality is between 1/3 and 2/3

Tower Transformation: All energy balls transform to Tower's main head. Used
when Emperor's vitality is between 1/3 and 2/3

Strength Transformation: All energy balls transform to Strength. Used when
Emperor's vitality is between 1/3 and 2/3

Dooms Day: Emperor is vanished and only his red core is shown. All the
energy balls moves around and protect Emperor's core. Emperor will move
toward to James slowly and tackle James. Used when Emperor's vitality is
below 1/3.

Your goal: Defeat him and survive with all you got. A veteran player could
finish Emperor with zero to two lives losing.

Goldman has made a stupid theory that claims the current nature system has
made human commit the original sin, and he just made a new ruler of the
earth-The Emperor, to rule the world and terminate all the human beings.

Well, it is funny that the ruler of the world can't even defeat a mere agent
with leather shoes and tuxedo, what a shame.

After battle starts, try to defend yourself as much as you can, shoot
Emperor's energy balls down before they can hit you. If you see emperor is
about to use sword wave, shoot the middle of the screen, his core will hit
your bullet before he can reach you. However, if you DO let him reach you,
don't worry, you can still hit his core when he is raising his energy sword,
that's his weakest moment, just like Strength.

Try to bring his vitality down to as close to 2/3 as you can, DO NOT GO
BELOW!!! He will use his second phase attack if his vitality is below 2/3,
his transformation attacks are crazy, and his defense will be insanely high
as well.

Wait 'till Emperor uses mega shot. When he fires four energy balls, he will
stand there still 'till the balls reach you. Do not bother with shooting the
balls down, aim Emperor's core now and shoot it like crazy!!! You can bring
his vitality below 1/2 this way, and I assume it is possible to avoid his
second phase attack if you are quick enough. In most of my games, Emperor
could only attack around 6~7 times during his second phase attack. You can
shoot the balls down when they are VERY close to you, and if you are hit
here, let it go, it worth using a life here.

During the second phase, Emperor's heart is not shown, you can damage
Emperor VERY LITTLE each time you block Emperor's transformation attack

Consider you are lucky if Emperor abuses Judgment and Hyprophant attack,
because those two are the easiest ones to block, just use the tips you used
to defeat Judgment and Hyprophant you will be fine. You have to watch
carefully when Emperor is doing Judgment transformation attack, because it
will be MUCH closer than the battle you fought the real Judgment, and you
will have less time to react.

Tip from Master Chen: When Emperor is using Hyprophant transformation
attack, his heart will show up RIGHT AFTER Hyprophant Jumps up, you can
shoot his core for more extra damage at this point.

When Emperor uses Tower Transformation attack, shoot the head VERY QUICKLY
and hope the quick fire could block the head before it can even move.

When Emperor uses Strength Transformation attack, shoot the head right
before if raises its chain saw. The head is MUCH SMALLER than the real
Strength's head, so skill is much required.

After you bring Emperor's Hp below 1/3, Emperor starts to use the Dooms Day
attack, actually it is very easy to block because Emperor moves very slow,
although his energy balls are protecting his, if you aim it well and fire
SLOWLY, you can shoot Emperor down before he can reach you-don't be too fast
here, the faster you shoot, the less accuracy you have. Emperor's defense is
not very high during his final form.

IV. Frequently asked questions:

Q: Is it possible to get a six digits score?

A: From what I have heard, yes, it is possible. I don't know how, though.
But one thing I can sure about is that the "perfect path" (means you saved
everyone) is NOT going to bring you the best score. Just because you get
into the bonus room does not ensure the highest score. You have to find a
path that you could actually save more people and kill more monsters.

Q: How can I get the Roger ending?

A: Score higher than 80,000, and beat the game without any continue.
Actually, consider you are weak if you beat the one credit game and cannot
get more than 80,000 points.

Q: What will happen if you DON'T SAVE anyone in the game???

A: I have tried this before, nothing special happened.

Q: Where did they get those bosses names?

A: All bosses in The House of Dead games are named with characters on Tarot

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