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Breath of Fire - Hints & Tricks

Author: Superkumi100
Date: Mar 13 2006 - 22:04
Score: 5 points
Title: Hints & Tricks
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A little south from where you cross the river of lava that got into a rock after the Stone Robot was destroyed, there is a small house.
When you get in put the main character in the lead and talk to the man inside.
You will be able to heal and fight the Dragon Lord in a form called Talon.
You can only fight him with the main character and after you beat him you get the ability to change your form to three different kinds of dragons!

After you have Ox on your party go to Gant.
I the upper left part of the first room there is a furniture you can move.
Inside there are rocks you can break if you put Ox on the lead.
After you break them put Karn on the lead and talk to the man in there.
He senses that you are from his family bloodline and gives Karn the ability to fuse with two more characters into a super-character.
Do it right away and he will fuse with Gobi and Bo and will be very strong.

In Auria go to the upper left house and go to the second floor with Nina on the lead.
Talk to the man and accept to heal him.
After that he gives you 20000 gold!
You can do this again after you get Bleu on the party.

In Auria buy a Pouch.
When you rest in the inn of Bleak at the first time the innkeeper will try to steal your gold, but the pouch will stop him.
You won't need the pouch afterwards because the innkeeper will let you rest there for free for the next times.

When Bo is in the lead on the World Map, you can walk through trees and shoot arrows at World Animals.

When Karn is on the lead he can disarm traps and pick lockes.

When Ox is on the lead he can break rocks and hard things that when you try to break with other characters it says you need someone stronger.

In Auris buy a Vitamin and then go one floor up.
Talk to the man on the lower part of the screen and give him the Vitamin.
He will give you 5000 gold.

After the Stone Robot is destroyed, you should go south until you see a squere of flowers and a blank spot in the middle.
Go there and there will be a boy that moves in circles because someone cast a spell on him.
Go to the blank spot in the forest northwest of there and talk to one of the fairies.
They will tell you that the boy has cut a tree and they casted a spell on him.
Go to Auria and in the upper left house you will find the boy's mother.
Talk to her and then talk with the fairies again.
Then go to the boy and talk with him and the fairies.
Then go back to his mother and talk to her and she will give you 20000 gold!

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