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Sega Rally Championship - Cheat document

Author: Madman
Date: Sep 12 2004 - 12:45
Score: 10 points
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Easy Driving Car:
Hold X and press [Enter] to select any car at the car selection screen.

Unlock All Tracks:
At the options screen type XXY .

Unlock Lake Side Track:
At the main menu press X + Y , then select any game.

Full Screen:
Hold X and press A at the car, race, or, mode selection screen to remove the dashboard and display.

Easy Way to Get the Stratos Car:
To get the Stratos Car the Easy way go to the Menu Screen then Press X,Y,Z,Y,X select a mode. At the Car select screento select the Stratos move to the Celica and press down to select the AT transmission and the Delta to select the MT Transmission.

Hyper Car:
Hold Down X and Press Enter to choose your car at the car select. It looks the same but it is easier to handle.

Lake Side Course:
To get the Lake Side course Finish the Championship overall in 1st place. At least 9th on the Desert course, 4th on the Forest course, and 1st on the Mountain course.

After that it will be in all things even in the Championship.

Mirror Mode:
Hold Y and press Enter at the game select mode in Arcade mode.

Ultimate Ghost Car:
Go to Time Attack. Where it says 3 Laps or Free Run, hold X and Y and select 3 Laps.

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