Super Mario Kart - Review

Author: Diskboy3k
Date: Jun 06 2004 - 21:27
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I can't believe it, it´s actually been ten years since this game was made!!! My life has gone so fast!

It was only the other day I sat in front of TV, reading my 'Super Mario Kart' manual, checking all the stats and characters, and options, and levels, and maps, and features, and... you get the message.

The memories are flooding back - waking up on Saturdays, no school, just plugging my SNES in, and loading up Mario Kart, playing until night when my eyes where red and my parents where getting mad! What fun! I even used to sneak a few games in before school on week days when I could, it was just so addictive!

If you haven't gathered by now, this game is based on the two infamous Nintendo characters, the 'Mario Brothers', 'Luigi', and 'Mario', both world-wide gaming icons that practically everyone knows. They even starred in their own movie together, played by Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo. Good movie, even better games! However the fun doesn't stop with just those two guys, the game also features characters from their previous games, people such as 'Princess', 'Toad', 'Yoshi' and even enemies such as 'Bowser', all of whom Mario fans will know.

The great thing about Mario Kart is the game play, its awesome, just while writing this review I stopped about 15 times to complete a few maps! All characters have their own special abilities and advantages, along with their disadvantages, for example; 'Bowser' may be strong, although he races slowly, 'koopa' might be small, although very fast! Another great feature to this game is the fighting idea - you go around the track, running over squares and picking up goodies which you can use to your advantage, for example to throw at opponents. You don't know how many times I've almost won in two player mode and a friend as shot a red shell at me!

Super Mario Kart also features a 'Battle Mode' of game play, where up to four players can play a specially assigned course, which consists primarily of weapons. Each character's car has three balloons around it. The first person to get all his balloons popped (by attacks), is the looser. The person who lasts the longest, is obviously the winner! That I feel is a great little add-on feature you can play with friends, or even against the computer, however for some people racing is more important than fighting, for this reason Mario Kart has three maps to race with. These maps consist of about 4 or 5 levels each to get through, with best of three rounds to win each one. Difficulty range's depending on which cup you choose to race for, and which map.

My advice for this game: play as either 'Koopa' or 'Yoshi', they are the best! Come to think of it, so is this game - download it now and play for yourself.

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