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Caesar II

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Name: Caesar II
Year: 1996
Publisher: Sierra
Developer: Impressions
Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Total rating: 73.6% - rated 176 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: May 22 2004
Warez status: Abandonware

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Game review

Author: Rakknar
Date: Feb 04 2006 - 22:06
Score: 30 points
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Regarded by many as the best in the "Caesar" series, Caesar II continues the story of the roman grandeur, "dressing" it, for the first time, in SVGA clothes. For those who played the first game, the leap made by the newest game was imense. Superb graphics, an intuitive interface and an exceptional 3D achitectural design made Caesar II climb fast in the tops of player preferences.

Starting the adventure in the early periods of the Roman Empire, the player can juggle between running the city or running the province. In the city, he will concentrate on the economic and administrative part. He will build a lot of buildings, rendered, as I said, in an extremely evolved (for those times) 3D SVGA graphic. He will confront a lot of specific problems, like epidemics, rebelions or starvation.

Running and administrating the province brings new challenges that any player will be quick to accept. The province will sustain the evolution of the city through the resources that it places at your disposal. But for those resources to be exploited, one must build the famous roman roads, not to mention the fortifications or ports, either for defence or commerce.

Once the objectives are completed and the promotion is accepted, the player will be moved to another province where he will have to start everything over. The farther you move from Rome, the more dangerous the provinces will become, mostly because of the barbarians, the native tribes or the other empires who yearn the roman treasures.

But the job in itself is easy: as long as you keep the barbarians away from the city gates and the citizens happy, you should have no problem.
After all... it's all in a days work for a roman governor!

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User avatar
By CAForehand - May 22 2010 - 23:37
I loved this game when i use to own it and i am having problems downloading it right now.
User avatar
By Moocow2021 - Dec 12 2007 - 05:15
I used to play this all the time. Except I always hated the "plebs are needed" thing!
User avatar
By Ericssin - Nov 07 2007 - 02:47
I have the original CD  ^^ and it works without problem on WinXP so you don't need DOSBOX in order to run it.
User avatar
By Edisonych - Sep 17 2007 - 16:27
I am facing the same problem too. When I enter a combat, it says that RO2SWDA.PL8 not found (in DOS-box). Does anyone has the file to share??? Thanks in advance.
User avatar
By I_Need_Help - Dec 29 2006 - 09:12
This is not a completely working game. When you start a combat, it says that RO2SWDA.PL8 not found (in DOS-box)

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