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Name: Stunts
Year: 1990
Publisher: Brøderbund
Developer: Distinctive Software
Platform: PC
Genre: Racing
Total rating: 83.2% - rated 48 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: May 22 2004
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Diskboy3k
Date: May 26 2004 - 01:20
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Stunts, also known as 4D Sports Driving is quite a fun and partially original type of game, there are some extra features that a lot of new games don't but really should have included. The idea of the game is quite simple, take a fast car and race it on high action stunt tracks which u can even create.

The cars you get to race with are some of the world best and fastest cars from the early 90's. You can choose from cars like a super fast V12 Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari GTO, or an original Indy car, a Acura NSX, or maybe a Lamborghini 4WD, or even a quite out of place Audi Quattro. You also get the chance to race against any of these very cool cars as well. Which can be driven by either Cherry who is a brunette babe, Helen who loves to bang into other cars, Big Otto, Joe, or even the nerd Berni. Each of those drivers have their own unique qualities, some of them are afraid of heights, bad at corners, or just have trouble controlling a car at a hugely fast pace. Personally I like racing against that blond hottie known as Helen Wheels. 'tis always fun beating a very attractive woman at something eh?

The feature of this game which can really set it apart from the competition at the time was the track editor, which is amazingly easy to use and operate properly with only a few limits being the size of the area you can place track on and the amount of scenery around the place. You can choose the type of land/horizon you wish to build on (desert, country, tropical etc...) You can place track pieces such as huge jumps, obstacles to dodge, tunnels that you have to roll around in, and overhead bridges that are really tricky to drive in coz 1 little mistake could prove fatal.

The handling of the cars is ok, its a little slow, not too realistic that way, but still ok for its time, its sometimes a bit difficult to turn corners, coz u have to slow down or you'll spin out and possibly hit something and get killed or you'll miss a jump and get killed or something like that. Talking of being killed, you do die a bit too easily, sometimes u die with only spinning your car around, not hitting a wall or something and it would be good if the competitors were actually competitive.

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By Khinnit - Oct 22 2006 - 23:30
One of my first games<3
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By Machbuster - Sep 05 2006 - 12:25
I remember we played 100 DEFAULT SESSION - We met at a friends house and played DEFAULT track for 100times in 4 people - It took us about 5 hours ... GREAT PARTY  :) I cannot remember exactly the time we achieved but maybe slightly under 1.10  :-s This game ruled rulez and will rule forever
User avatar
By BGOATdonut - Mar 03 2006 - 14:59
Wow, Video games at school... Lucky bastard -tongue-
User avatar
By Drakken - Feb 21 2006 - 11:50
We had a copy at our school and we raced 100's of home made tracks, and competed for the ultimate price. My name at the top of the highscore chart. Which was quite the glory when 10-12 persons played it every day!!!

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