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Author: Res
Date: Jun 05 2004 - 19:30
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Short Introduction:
Stunts was one of the first racing games I ever played, and I can tell you it´s a very good one. Stunts is a basic racing game with a very special extra feature, namely a track editor which is very easy to control and is extremely cool. When you start a normal race against the clock or an opponent you will see a track with some scenery here and there, like trees, buildings, a ships, and so on, what I want to say with this is that everything you see here you can make with the track editor, which is a standard feature in Stunts. For the rest Stunts gives you the opportunity to choose between many different cars. You can customize your car a little, you are able to change the colour of your car and you can choose between automatic and manual transmission.

Like I said before Stunts is a racing game with a track editor. The racing part of this game is something to call "standard" because you just use a couple of buttons to control your car and when you choose a fast car your car will normally accelerate fast and have a high top speed but this is not something to blame about. The best thing of this game is the track editor, in this track editor you can do everything, place buildings, trees, different types of tracks (like asphalt, ice and mud), jumps, and bridges and of course you can place a lot of "stunts" in your track, this explains the name of the game. There are only two bad things to say about the track editor, first of all without a special button combination you can´t build water, land and small mountains but when you know this combination you can totally customize your land, the last weak point is that the track editor is stern, you can´t race at a track that´s incomplete, sometimes it will take hours to find out what´s wrong in your track but when your track is good you can race in a nice 3D environment against the clock or one of the six opponents and see what you made.

The Graphics:
The graphics of Stunts are pretty good for 1990. When you run the setup file you can choose between five different graphics modes (EGA/VGA/CGA etc.), this makes it possible to run Stunts on almost every old computer. Unless Stunts doesn´t support SVGA or any other modern graphics techniques, Stunts has very good graphics for a 256 colour game. The graphics are quiet simple when you look at a building for example, you will see that it has two colours, a black colour which indicates the windows and a sort of light brown colour which indicates the wall, unless this you will be able to recognize a building or a tree, or whatever, I think that´s very good for a game with only 256 colours. For the rest you can change the graphics during the game, these days everyone will use "high graphics" but back in 1990 old 286/386 systems where unable to run this game smoothly with high graphics so there is a possibility to change the detail level during the game.

Music and Sounds:
I don´t want to call this good because this game only contains four soundtracks, all of them are shorter than one minute but they sound cool so when you hear a track multiple times in a row this is not something to be sad about. Well that´s it for the music part, the next part is the "sound effects" part, well they are simple but this game was developed in 1990 so I don´t think you may complain of it because many titles back in 1990 didn´t even have sound support for soundcards instead of beeper.

The Gameplay:
The gameplay is good but not perfect, sometimes your car will crash into a hidden wall or something like that, so it will crash because of noting, this is a very strange bug. Unless this small bug Stunts has a good gameplay, you can control your car by keyboard, mouse or joystick, I don´t want to suggest you to use your mouse but it´s a nice extra feature. To control your car you only have to use the arrow keys on your keyboard (automatic transmission), this is very nice you don´t even have to learn to control your car, when you know how to put your finger on the arrow keys and know how to push them you will be able to control your car ;-).

What do you have to do?
On the whole you don´t have to do anything, huh?, yeah it´s true, you can beat an opponent but that´s it you won´t get anything when you beat all opponents, so there is noting to unlock like a special car or some extra tracks... well tracks, I don´t think you need it because you can make your own tracks in a very easy to use track editor. Unless you can´t unlock anything its lots fun to play this game, you create your own track and after that check it out with one of the very cool cars and if you like to, you can also race against an opponent on your own track, this is one of the strongest points of Stunts.

Stunts is one of my favourite racing games, I´m sure many other people also enjoyed this game back in the nineties and I´m sure some of them still do. The reason why every racing fan should try this is game because it has a very cool track editor, you can make every kind of track you like to and after that drive on it! Stunts will give you hours of fun so my suggestion is "download this game!".

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