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Alone in the Dark 2 - Walkthrough

Author: Damned
Date: Feb 26 2006 - 20:57
Type: Walkthrough
Score: 10 points
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Alone In The Dark 2 is a brilliant game, and much improved on the original Alone In The Dark. It is, however quite hard in places, but there are a couple of tricks that can make life a bit easier. First there are quite a lot of books and papers to be picked up and read while you are playing. None of these are essential in order to complete the game although they do give you an excellent background to the story.

Second combat; there are lots of weapons to be picked up while playing and they can be very useful, but it is usually much better if you are able to fight without weapons. The head butt is particularly deadly. When you encounter one of the zombies try to get right up close to him before you attack, if you can get close enough he will be unable to use his weapon and if you keep head butting and moving towards him you will kill him with no problem. It is also handy if you can get close enough to stand in a doorway to attack or to back him into some confined space thus restricting his movements. One particularly nasty individual who you will encounter is the chef who you will meet in the kitchen. He is armed with a blowpipe which is deadly and it is essential in dealing with him that you do not give him the opportunity to use it. Finally throughout the game you will pick up flasks. These are used to restore your health, but don't use them unless you really need to because you should save as many as possible for the second part of the game, which is much harder than the first and you need as much health as possible when you start part two. Last but not least the Adventurers Golden Rule applies in this game more than most:- "SAVE EARLY, SAVE OFTEN"

At the start of the game kill the first zombie and take the Thompson, flask and clip which he drops. Run down the drive and shoot the zombie who runs to meet you. Now run on down to the end of the drive and kill the other three zombies who are waiting there. this is quite hard but if you use this opportunity to practice the head butt technique I mentioned above you will eventually do it, though it may take several attempts. Now go back down the drive to the anchor. Push the anchor and run into the maze, take the first turning left and attack the zombie there. Take the photo and return to the main path. Continue along the path and take the next right. There is another zombie here who leaves behind a rope, flask and a clip for the Thompson after you have killed him. Take these there is an ace of diamonds on the ground, this is the exit from the underground passage which you will be exploring shortly. Return to the main path and continue along it to the cross roads. Go left and kill the zombie there and take the book which he drops. Return to the main path and go straight across the cross roads to a T junction. turn right and then left at the end. Kill the zombie and take the clip. Now go back to the T junction and go straight across, ignore the next right for the moment and carry on along the path to an alcove on the left just before the end of the path, where another zombie is waiting. Kill him and continue along the path, turning left at the end then left and left again at the end this takes you back to the cross roads, with yet another zombie to be killed on the way. Go right at the cross roads and right at the end to where you find another zombie and also a grappling hook. There are four playing cards on the ground. Stand on the ace of diamonds to enter the underground passage, the other three cards will kill you. Turn right, kill the zombie and pick up the torn note book. Go to the chest and push it, pick up the metallic jack card. As you do so a figure will appear behind you, use the revolver to shoot it, this will take about five shots. Pick up the sabre and go to the altar use the metallic jack on the altar and a trap door opens go to the ladder and climb it after taking the flask which you will find there. This is the exit mentioned earlier. Now return to the turning which you ignored earlier. Go down this passage and kill the zombie there to obtain another flask. Turn right at the end and prepare the sabre for use. walk slowly along the path until about two thirds of the way along you will be attacked by some vines. The easiest way to deal with these is to take a quick slash and step back, keep repeating this until they are defeated. Save your game here and run along the path to where you find Peg Leg a particularly nasty character and quite hard to kill, but if you can back him into the corner at the side of the statue and get close enough before he has chance to attack you, the head butt technique works well. When you have killed him pick up the newspaper and the flask. use the rope with the grappling hook and use them on the statue. You will lose all your weapons here.


Pick up the nickel and walk carefully across the plank which is quite slippery pick up the crank and paper bag along the way. Go to the end where you find Striker's body search the body to find a pipe cleaner and the other half of the notebook. Combine the two halves of the notebook and read it. Now go to the door and slide the newspaper under the door use the pipe cleaner on the key hole to get the key. Open the door and enter. Save your game here. Walk along to where a zombie is sleeping stand directly in front of the lever. Use the paper bag once to inflate it and again to bang it. As soon as he stands up push the lever. If you timed it right and were standing in the right place a hanging barrel will now be released which will knock him over the edge of the cliff. Pick up the book, riot gun and flask and look at the side of the grandfather clock. Use the crank on the hole there and a secret passage will be revealed. Enter the passage and use the lift.


The newspaper which you used earlier has turned into a dead mans pact. Tear this up in front of the music man, he will die. Go through into the next room and pick up the battledore and go through to the next room which is the shooting gallery.

Kill the two zombies her and pick up the riot gun ammunition. Now go to the end of the room to where there are four blocks. Use the battledore to turn them so that all the faces show diamonds. If you stand with your back to the blocks they turn once if you face them they turn twice. As you turn the last block a zombie appears from the door in the corner. Kill him and enter the room. Pick up the whiskey and the two books. Use the nickel on the slot machine to get two tokens. Leave this room the way you came you will encounter another zombie on the way either kill him or put the whiskey down in front of him. Take the sack and wear the Santa suit which it contains. Now return to the lift and up the stairs.


Watch the little chef zombie and the path he takes to the kitchen then follow him. If you step on the wrong squares you will get killed by the harpoon from the statue in the corner. Enter the kitchen and take and eat the fried eggs and take the frying pan. When the big chef heads towards the dumb waiter come up behind him (what you are supposed to do here is kill him with the frying pan but I did not find this very effective) and kill him. Now search the kitchen and take the wine and the poison. Use the poison on the wine and leave the kitchen. Go to the serving hatch and leave the poisoned wine there stand back and wait for the zombies to take the wine and die. Enter through the double doors and use the tokens on the organ. Pick up the doubloon and go through the doors at the end. Take the bullet proof vest Thompson and clip and go back the way you came. Cross the hall to the door under the stairs and turn right. This room contains four very nasty zombies and the way you are supposed to deal with them is with the hand grenade down the chimney from the floor above but I found that this did not work very well so I used the direct approach. Open the door and back out, carefully position yourself in the doorway. You can probably take out the first zombie with the riot gun as he comes through the door. Then move forward and head butt the other three as they come toward you. It will probably take several attempts but it can be done. When you have seen off all four enter the room and take the red billiard ball from the Christmas tree. Now go back out and nick the crown from Neptune's head and go up the stairs.


Kill the zombie on the landing and enter the 1st door on the right, which is the billiard room. Kill the zombie here and pick up the derringer and sword stick. Go to the bookcase at the end of the room and take the book and parchment. Leave the room and go to the bedroom. Use the sword stick on the two arms in the corner, using the same technique that you used earlier with the vines. Take the parchment and use it with the other piece that you got in the billiards room and read it. Now walk to the end of the room and put the crown on the statue there. This opens up another door go through and pick up the amulet and you will be transported to the attic.  


Pick up the message and flask and run through the door, around the corner to the small chest get the Thompson and clip and kill the acrobatic zombie who attacks you. Kill the other zombie and pick up the grenade (though you should not need it now) flask and key. Go through the door in the corner to the end of the room. Use the doubloon on the jack in the box and take the pom pom. Now go to the other end of the room and throw the pom pom through the opening. the jumping jack will go after it and kill the snake. Now go through the opening and up to the chimney. This is where you should use the hand grenade if you did not kill the four zombies on the ground floor. Go down the chimney and back up to the 1st floor. Enter the billiard room again and insert the red ball into the game machine. This reveals a door at the end of the room. Use the key from the attic to open the door and enter. You are about to be captured and lose all the items in your inventory, so if you have any flasks left use them now so that you have the maximum possible strength for the next part of the game. You find yourself in a cell One Eyed Jack is outside with Grace. When she makes a run for it and he chases after her. Use the hook to pick the lock and head downstairs. Elisabeth now enters through the front door and captures you again.


The action now switches to Grace. Walk down the drive towards the house avoiding the zombies turn right and go to the back of the car. Click on the boot of the car and take the red ball you find. When the car stops get out and watching the zombies by the bandstand carefully wait until the nearest zombie is looking in the other direction, walk part way up the path, stopping when he turn your way and continue when he turns away again. Grab the hook and quickly run off to the golf course. Put the ball in the hole and walk up to the statue which appears. Use the hook on the statue and get captured by the zombie who emerges from the hollow tree. You find yourself in the brig with Carnby. Push the boards and go through into the next room. Take the sandwich pepper and bird seed. Feed the parrot with the bird seed. The parrot now tells you where to find the captains staff. Go to the door and look out, when you hear footsteps approaching and run left and hide behind the stairs. wait until the zombie passes you and stops. Run out behind him back the way you came and quickly climb the ladder. Go up the next ladder to the top deck. Make your way carefully around the outside of the deck and hide behind the barrel. run out and grab the tinder box and then go down the hatch. In the captains cabin look in the small chest and take the small cannon and the vase from the dresser, and the captain's staff from the side of the bed. Put the cannon on the floor facing the door and use the pepper pot on it. Now throw the vase and use the tinder box on the cannon when the zombie opens the door. the guard will sneeze to death. Pick up the bell and go to the galley which is directly opposite the captains cabin. take the chickens foot from the table and ring the bell. Climb into the dumb waiter and go up to the kitchen. Pick up the key and open the cupboard take the molasses and the ice box. Go over to the door and use the ice box. A zombie will chase you back into the kitchen and slip and kill himself on the ice. Now head upstairs. Use the molasses on the landing to immobilise the zombie and go through the billiard room to the captain's room. Use the staff on the desk and take the key to the irons and the book. Now go into the bedroom and head for the room where Carnby found the amulet. On the floor is a square with a picture of a staff on it. Use the staff on it and it changes into a Voodoo Loa staff take this and return to the kitchen. When the zombie sees you head back to the hall he will slip on the ice. Return to the kitchen and ring the bell climb into the dumb waiter and return to the ship, where you will get captured again.


The action now switches to Carnby again. Pick up the key by moving the cursor keys down until you can reach them. Unlock the irons and attack the zombie. Pick up the sword which he drops and enter the next room. Kill the zombie here and walk out into the passage. Kill the zombie here and pick up the short fuse and pistol which he drops. Now enter the door opposite, the forge,here are another two zombies to be killed. In this room there are a poker, pliers and a useful key. Now leave this room and enter the armoury which is opposite and to your left. Save your game and just for a laugh try to shoot the zombie here with the pistol. After you have watched the spectacular explosion restore your game and this time kill him with the sword. Take the keg of powder and book. Leave this room and go along the passage to the next door on the right. enter the room, kill the peg leg pirate and save your game. Push the barrel to get the bottle and take the chain mail, ammunition and flask. Throw the bottle and take the message and read it. Now go down to the room at the end of the corridor. Kill the zombie and take the ammunition, flask and pistol. Leave this room and head back toward the door where you entered the passage and climb the ladder opposite. On the way you will encounter a particularly hard zombie, but if you are quick enough you can run up and climb the ladder before he attacks you. He will not follow you and since you do not need to return here again it does not matter.  


Go into the room with the cannon and kill the sleeping zombie. Take the ammunition which he drops and go and use the pliers on the chain attaching the cannon to the wall. Push the cannon so that it faces the opposite way and use the short fuse on it. Now go to the door opposite and open it. This is the crew's sleeping quarters. Drop the powder keg just inside the door and return to the cannon. Use the poker on the fuse. The powder keg explodes and kills all the crew inside the sleeping quarters. Enter the sleeping quarters and pick up the flask and bag of gold coins. Go to the door and use the bag of coins, this will attract the attention of the two little chef zombies in the galley opposite. Kill them and go into the galley. Pick up the flask and head for the store room. Here you will encounter the big chef with the blowpipe, he is very difficult to kill, but he way I did it was to enter the door and back out, then quickly manoeuvre into the corner to the left of the door. From here he can't get you with the blowpipe but you will still be able to hack at him with the sword. when you have killed him pick up the metallic Jack Of Diamonds which he drops. Use this to enter the captains cabin which is opposite the galley.


The action now switches to Grace. Use the Loa Staff on the statue of Captain Nicholas to open the door go in and walk up to Elisabeth, use the chickens foot on her and watch her die. Now back to Carnby. Leave the Captains Cabin and head for the stairs at the other end of the passage. Go up to the top deck.  


Don't even try to kill the big zombie, you can't. just head up the ladder to the top deck as fast as possible. Kill the music man and grab his hook. Kill the other zombies and climb the mast. To kill the zombie here attack him and try to force him off the edge of the platform. Use the hook to slide down the rope and attack the acrobatic zombie here but be careful not to fall off the mast. Quickly grab the sword from the deck, this is Captain Nicolas's sword. Run to the mast and use the pliers to release Grace. Now run to the cannon which is pointing at the mast and grab the fuse this will preventing it from firing. Now attack One Eyed Jack with Captain Nicholas's sword. He is very hard to kill but if you allow him to back you into the gap between the rail and the box on the other end of the deck and keep hacking at him you should eventually be able to kill him. You and Grace now jump into the lifeboat and escape.


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