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Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn - Easteregg

Author: Nosam
Date: Feb 13 2006 - 20:07
Type: Easteregg
Score: 5 points
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Programmer's Head:
Once you accept the quest for the Helm church to make that snobbish artist to compose something, you need to get the material...During this, if you decide to give him pure material, you have to talk to a Duergar, in the "Copper" tavern. He tell you to go and kill Neb. You found him already if you played BG I, he was the killer of the children. Now, if you get to kill him, you can give the head to the captain of the guards, in the temple district. But hey, take a look at the head in your inventory: it's the severed head of one of the game programmers!

You're not Drizzt............I AM!!!!
If you create a elf character named Drizzt, and you have a reputation under 12, when you encounter Drizzt after emerging from the Underdark, he will be angry that you stole his name, and will challenge you for the right to use it!

Stealing weapons
Somewhere in the Baldur's Gate game you meet Drizzt do'urden (he's a famous Drow Elf from the Icewind Dale books). He has great weapons and you can steal them. Steal them! Now export your character into Baldur's Gate 2. After you left the underdark part of the game, you get a random encounter whith Drizzt and his band. He is pissed off and tells you he wants his weapons back.

Okay, most people have already used the patch
to fix that annoying little "X appears busy" when
trying to talk to someone, and the following still work after the patch is in place:
CTRL 6 - You can take on the skin of any of the creatures (and a few notable characters ie Volo)
This doesn't affect game play in any way, just the skin (and for some reason, movement). You can even play with the rabbit skin and be a spellcasting killer rabbit. NOTE: You CANNOT go back to your original form unless you save and reload
CTRL 7 - Same as CTRL 6, but goes in reverse
CTRL 9 - places yellow boxes around people, creatures, treasures. Doesn't serve much of a purpose but if you can't see something you might need to pick up, it does help
(The following egg only seems to work BEFORE the patch is used)
CTRL H - Turns ALL spells into Wild Surge of the same kind (There's 100 different types, have fun!). No spell (even priest) can be cast with this Wild Surge effect on without the surge going off.

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