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Star Wars: Battle for Naboo - Cheats

Author: Master135
Date: Jul 27 2007 - 08:02
Score: 5 points
Title: Cheats
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tar Wars: Battle for Naboo Cheats
From the Main Menu select Options then choose Passcodes. You can enter the following codes for your game.

View the Development Team - EOWXZGAS
Pink Ships - ruagirl?
Unlock the Dark Side Bonus Level - FRMRYLDAD
Unlock All Levels plus the Infiltrator Bonus - JHGNRGAS
View the Credits - DIWMZIAR
Unlock All Levels without the Bonus Levels - GPAYQWAJ
Unlock All Naboo Craft - NIZWAGAO
Infinite Lives - LFZWKXAA
Double Your Secondary Weapon - UYCZNCAX
Unlock the Art Gallery - JOBXXFAI
Unlock the Concert Hall - RECTVBAH
Unlock the Heat Seeking Missiles - ABVUSEAY
Unlock the AAT - RQORACAQ
Unlock the Sith Infiltrator - FRBPTDAY
Unlock the Swamp Speeder - XFIIYBAY
One Shot Kils - CXSJMIAA
Increased Fire Rate - MELTDOWN
Advanced Missiles - ACH!

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Cheats Master135 Jul 27 2007

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