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Castle of Dr. Brain - Cheat document

Author: Diffo
Date: Mar 11 2006 - 20:40
Score: 10 points
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The  Hints  are  divided  into 5 sections as follows:

1> The Castle Door, Elevator  Maze  
2> First Floor
3> Second Floor
4> Third Floor
5> The Basement

1>  The  Castle  Door,  Elevator  Maze
Problem: How do I open the castle door?
Hint:  When  you  press  the  doorbell, notice which stone flashes and plays a
tone.  Click the hand cursor on that stone. Now two stones will flash and play
tones.  Click  the hand cursor on these stones in the same order they flashed.
Now,  three  stones will play, et c. Try it, it's fun!

Problem: Help! I'm lost in  the  mazes  of  the  Stone Elevator!
Hint: A really fun way to get throughthese mazes is to just explore.
Try punching through as many walls as you can!Each  maze has four levels to it.
You start at the bottom and work your way up to  the  top.  Sometimes  you  have  
to  go up and then back down again to get through.  If  you  get  really stuck,
you may wish to sketch out each level to help  you  keep  track  of  paths  
you've  already  explored.  

2>  First Floor
Problem:The  Math  Marvel  Puzzle Room has me stumped - Novice.
Eleven plus twenty-two equals thirty-three, ninety minus eighty equals ten, forty-two
times  two  equals  eighty-four,  and  sixty  divided  by twenty equals three.

Problem:  The  Math Marvel Puzzle Room has me stumped - Standard.
Twelve plus  twenty-three  equals  thirty-five, ninety-nine minus thirty-three equals
sixty-six, twenty-two times four equals eighty-eight, and fifty-six divided by
eight  equals  seven.  

Problem:  The  Math Marvel Puzzle Room has me stumped -Expert.  
Twelve plus eighteen equals thirty, sixty-five minus twenty-one
equals  forty-four,  five  times fifteen equals seventy-five, and eighty-eight
divided  by  eleven  equals  eight.  

Problem:  Magic  Square Puzzle solution -Novice.  
Arrange the numbers from left to right. The numbers in the top
row  are  two,  nine, and four. The numbers in the middle row are seven, five,
and  three.  Finally,  the  numbers  in  the last row are six, one, and eight.

Problem:  Magic  Square  Puzzle solution - Standard.
Arrange the numbers
>from  left  to  right. The numbers in the top row are sixteen, two, three, and
thirteen.  The numbers in the second row are five, eleven, ten, and eight. The
numbers  in  the  third  row  are  nine,  seven, six, and twelve. Finally, the
numbers in the bottom row are four, fourteen, fifteen, and one.

Problem: Magic Square Puzzle solution - Expert.
Arrange the numbers from left to right.
The  numbers  in the top row are thirty-one, three, five, and twenty-five. The
numbers  in  the  second  row are nine, twenty-one, nineteen, and fifteen. The
numbers  in  the  third row are seventeen, thirteen, eleven, and twenty-three.
Finally,  the  numbers in the bottom row are seven, twenty-seven, twenty-nine,
and  one.  

Problem: 15-Sliding Tile Puzzle solution - Novice.
Start with the  top  row  and  work your way down. One useful technique is to
snake tiles into  position.  Let's  say  you  want  to place the first two
numbered tiles.
First,  move  the one tile just under the two position, and the two tile right
under  it.  Then  mov  e  other  tiles  so that the empty square is in the two
position  and  slide  both  tiles  up. Finally, empty the one position square,
slide  the  one tile over, then the two tile up. Work your way down the puzzle
this  way.  

Problem:  15-Sliding  Tile  Puzzle solution - Standard and Expert.
For starters, begin with the Novice solution. On the Standard and Expert
Level puzzles, the last two rows are a little trickier. Think of those squares
as  points  around a circle. Let's say you have most of the third row, but the
ten  tile  is out of order, like so -- nine, eleven, ten, and twelve. Move the
bottom  row  pieces  until  the  empty square is underneath the ten tile. Then
slide  the  ten  tile  down and rotate both rows together, clearing the square
between  the nine and eleven tiles, with the ten tile underneath it. Slide the
ten  tile  into  position  and rotate the pieces back into their correct rows.
When  you  complete  the  Expert  Level  puzzle,  you'll form a picture of Dr.
Brain's Castle.

Problem: I've run out of time in the Clock Room!
Did you notice the remote-control panel  beside Dr. Brain's favorite cuckoo clock?
Press  the  top  button  to  make  the toy Elf start dancing. Press the second
button  from  the  top to turn the clock off and the alarm on. Press the third
button  from  the  top  to  start the clock once again and put away the cuckoo
bird.  Finally,  press  the  second  button  from  the  top to stop the clock,
followed  by  the bottom button to turn off the alarm, and then the top button
to  stop  the Elf from dancing. You'll have plenty of tim e now.

Problem: Acme Time Clock sand measurement - Novice.
Wait until the 25-second hourglass
runs  out  of  sand,  then immediately flip the 15-second hourglass. Click the
open  button  and  the  drawer  will  open.  Problem:  Acme  Time  Clock  sand
measurement  -  Standard  and Expert. Hint: Flip the 15-second hourglass three
times.  Flip it the first time after the sand runs out of it. Flip it a second
time  when  the sand runs out of it again. Finally, flip it once more when the
35-second hourglass runs out. Click the open button and the draw er will open.
Problem:  What  times do I punch in the Clock Room? Hint: The time to punch on
the  first  card  is four forty-eight. The time to punch on the second card is
eleven  o'clock.  The  time  to  punch on the third card is one forty-five.

3>Second  Floor
Problem:I  can't  fix the circuit in the computer room!
Starting  from  the  lower  left-hand  side,  place  the  battery in the first
position,  the  switch  in  the  second  position,  the  resistor in the third
position,  the  coil  in the fourth position, and finally the capacitor in the
fifth  position.  

Problem:  How do I use the binary conversion computer?
One  fun  strategy  is to just twiddle each of the zeros to ones until you get
the  light  on  right-hand  side  of  each row to turn on. If you examine each
position  in a row from right to left, you'll notice the numbers increase by a
power  of  two.  This  means  wh en you change a zero to one in the right-most
column  it's  worth  one, then increases to two in the next column, then four,
then  eight,  then  sixteen,  then  thirty-  two, then sixty-four, and finally
one-hundred  and  twenty-eight  in the left-most column. The t otal to the far
left is simply a sum of these values.

Problem: How can I get through the robot maze?
To get through this maze, you'll need to go all the way around the
outer edges of the maze, moving from left to right. If a swirling circle sends
you back to the start of the maze, turn it off by first running the robot over
a  plus  symbol.  As you move th e robot around the maze gather as many answer
cards as you can.

Problem: Which robot head do I use in the robot design room?
You may wish to use Iron face since it's the honest robot head and will
follow  your program exactly. If you choose the dishonest Saucer head, it will
disobey  your  program  exactly. Propeller head is dishonest half the time and
will  disobey every second li ne of your program.

Problem: What is the program listing to get the blue book?
Program listing using the Iron-faced robot
head  and  the  fork-shaped  robot arm:
1. Begin
2. Move right
3. Move forward
4. Move  left  
5. Turn on
6. Move right
7. Move backward
8. Move left
9. Move left  
10.Move  forward  
11.Move forward
12.Move forward
13.Move right
14.Move  forward  
15.Move  right
16.Move forward
17.Turn off

Problem: What is the program listing to get the green plastic clue sheet?
Program listing  using  the Iron-faced robot head and the dart-gun robot arm:
1. Begin
2. Move left
3. Move forward
4. Move forward
5. Move forward
6. Move right
7. Move  right  
8. Turn on
9. Move left
10.Move left
11.Move forward
12.Move forward  
13.Turn off

Problem: What is the program listing to get the gray  iron  plaque?  
Program listing using the Iron-faced robot head and the  electromagnetic  robot arm:
1. Begin
2. Move left
3. Move forward
4. Move forward  
5. Move forward
6. Move right
7. Move left
8. Turn on
9. Move right
10.Move  right  
11.Move forward

4> Third Floor
Problem:I need some tips  on  the Word Search Puzzle!
All of the words in this puzzle can be
found in the section of your game documentation entitled Dr. Brain's Ultra Top
Secret Decoder Grid. Here's a few to help get you started. Moving from left to
right,  in the top row you'll find TicTacToe; in the secon d row, Golf; in the
third  row,  Jacks;  in the eighth row, Chess; and in the tenth row, Cribbage.
Moving  from  right  to  left,  in the second row you'll find Football; in the
third  row,  Dominos;  in the fifth row, Poker and Hearts; in the seventh row,
Blackjac  k; in the second to the bottom row, Checkers; and in the bottom row,
Horseshoes.  Now  you  try.  Examine  each column, both from top to bottom and
bottom  to  top.  Finally,  look  for any words spelled diagonally.

Problem: I can't  figure  out  the  Acrostics Puzzle.
You're trying to spell Parlor
Games.  Therefore,  from  top  to  bottom, select these games: Spades, Hearts,
Cribbage,  Blackjack,  Poker,  and  Bridge  to spell Parlor. Then select these
games:  Backgammon,  Tic-tac-toe, Dominoes, Checkers, and Chess to spell Games

Problem: I'm stumped by the Tangram Puzzle.
Arrange the tangram pieces to  spell the word Enter.

Problem: I need a clue to solve the Jigsaw Puzzle!
One  way  to solve jigsaw puzzles is to look for edge and corner pieces
first.  If  a  puzzle  piece  has a flat edge on the top, left, or right side,
place it along the edges of the screen. Then you can also look for like colors
or  patterns and assemble these pieces right in the middle of the screen, then
place  them  into their final position. If your screen gets too cluttered, you
can always place pieces back into the box.

Problem: I keep hanging the Hangman Dummy!  
Did you notice the chart on the wall? The most common letters to
guess  are  E, T, and A -- so you're usually better off to guess these letters
first.  Some  other  common letters are O, I, N, S, H, R, D, L, and U. Some of
the words you'll encounter in this p uzzle: honest, antelope, entrance, train,
session,  pattern,  doctor,  resistance,  rental,  password, brains, complete,
editorial,  newspaper,  magazine, western, and dentist.

Problem: How do I open Dr.  Brain's Safe?
You can solve this puzzle by a process of elimination
and  trial  and  error.  On  the  first  line,  start by guessing all the same
symbols,  for  instance,  all  hearts.  If you get one right, on the next line
guess one heart and two of another symbol, such as two oranges. If you get two
right, then guess one heart, one orange, and one of the remaining symbols. Now
just  keep  working  with  the  symbols until they all fall in place.

Problem:Cipher  Monitor message - Novice.
The Novice level message is "Your mind
is  the  key to every door. When you set your mind free, no lock can hold you,
no  bars  restrain you."

Problem: Cipher Monitor message - Standard.
The Standard  level  message  is  "Free  from  every  earthen tide, past stars and
planets  you  must  ride,  until  you reach the farther side."

Problem: Cipher Monitor  message - Expert.
The Expert level message is "The elevators of
the   mind   only  operate  for  those  who  keep  their  minds  open  to  new

5>The  Basement
Problem: Where is Perseus?
Perseus is the constellation on the far left-hand side of the screen and is made up of
nine  stars.  If you examine closely the illustration of Perseus on the Novice
level  setting,  you  can see which nine stars you'll need to choose.

Problem: Where  is  Ursa Major?
Ursa Major is just to the right of Perseus and is
made  up  of  fifteen  stars.  If you examine closely the illustration of Ursa
Major  on  the  Novice  level  setting, you can see which stars you'll need to

Problem:Where  is Cancer?
Cancer is just to the right of Ursa
Major  and  is made up of seven stars. If you examine closely the illustration
of  Cancer  on  the Novice level setting, you can see which seven stars you'll
need  to choose.

Problem: Where is Orion?
Orion is on the far right side
of  the  screen  and  is made up of nineteen stars. If you examine closely the
illustration  of Orion on the Novice level setting, you can see which nineteen
stars you'll need to choose.

Problem: What are the alien's homes?
Geoids live  on  Magma  4.  Mastons live on Graviton. Winged Icarians live on Aerios.
Mechroids  live  on Metallica. Webbed Amphitons live on Oceania. Giras live on
Veldta.  Strigers live on Stroud. Moleri live on Hollucidar.

Problem: How do I place the planets where they belong?
Remember the cosmic scroll from the
Hangman  safe?  Consider  the  first  letter of each word in the clue: My Very
Energetic Mother Just Sent Us Nine Pies. Each word starts with the same letter
as  the  planets  orbiting the sun, from nearest to farthest--Mercur y, Venus,
Earth,  Mars,  Jupiter,  Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Problem: How do I open the desk drawer in Dr. Brain's Private Office?
Use the red key from
the  Mastermind  Safe to open Dr. Brain's desk drawer. You'll find Dr. Brain's
Secret  Decoder  Ring.

Problem: How do I use the job skills board?
Hint: Match the Memory card to the picture of the Simon Puzzle Pieces. Match the
Logic and Deduction  Card  to  the  picture  of  the  Mastermind  Safe.
Match the Follow Instructions  Card  to the picture of the Circuit Board.
Match the Mathematics Card  to  the card with the equation 2+2=4. Match the
Pattern Recognition Card to  the picture of the Puzzle Piece.
Match the Programming Card to the picture of  the  Robot.  
Match  the  Language Card to the card with the letters A-T-E,
T-E-A, and E- A-T arranged on it. Match the Ti meliness Card to the picture of
the  Hourglass.  Finally, match the Cosmic Consciousness Card with the picture
of  the  Stars.  

Problem: Which  books  should I get from Dr. Brain's Private Bookcase?
Did  you  crack  the  Mastermind Safe in the Doce Amor Room?
Inside  the  Mastermind  Safe was a step-by-step code sheet and a red key. Use
the  red  key from the Mastermind Safe to open Dr. Brain's desk drawer. You'll
find Dr. Brain's Secret Decoder Ring. Click Dr. Brain's Secret Decoder Ring on
the  code sheet to decipher the message. Now you'll have a set of instructions
explaining how to arrange these books.

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