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Author: Grades
Date: Dec 28 2008 - 23:58
Yes, we're back ^^

We've gotten ourselves a shiny new server at a new datacenter, replacing our previous one which was lost when our hosting company went bankrupt.

Just a few days before our server was taken offline without any warnings, Res made a complete site and database backup, which I am now installing on our new server.

We should have a rock stable system now, with much better hardware, including an Intel Xeon CPU, twice the RAM capacity, a nice RAID1 setup to prevent data loss due to broken harddrives, and a connection which should be much faster than before. Additionally, the new datacenter is one of the biggest in the EU.
This means we've got very effective protection against all that went wrong with our previous server (disk failure, faulty ram, disappearing datacenter, ...)  :)

I'm working on getting the last parts of the site online as I'm typing this. As we've moved from a FreeBSD box to a Debian server, certain parts of the site might need some small recoding to make them work again. Changing avatars is one example.

Most downloads should be online again. Any missing files will be uploaded soon.

Important: Premium accounts are now available again. If you've lost your premium status due to the downtime, or bought a premium account and it was never activated, message me and I'll fix it.


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By Grades - Dec 29 2008 - 20:31
Dgsige wrote:
Terrible world economy spares noone, not even hosting sites that host cool abandonware sites!

The abandonware sites themselves seem to do better than most hosting companies :D

I think we should enter the hosting business...
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By Dgsige - Dec 29 2008 - 19:12
Terrible world economy spares noone, not even hosting sites that host cool abandonware sites!
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By Legendary - Dec 29 2008 - 15:09
Awesome! ^^
Lets hope the forums will come back soon as well, but the priority lies with the main site of course.
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By Slorginvasion - Dec 29 2008 - 14:06
Great to see you online again ^^
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By Timelord46 - Dec 29 2008 - 08:13
im glad to see you back online i was worried there when i tried to come on to the iste and it wouldnt load. i thought it was down for good but good to see you again

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