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One Must Fall 2097

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Name: One Must Fall 2097
Year: 1994
Publisher: Epic Megagames
Developer: Epic Megagames
Platform: PC
Genre: Arcade
Total rating: 85.6% - rated 54 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: May 25 2004
Warez status: Freeware

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Author: Res
Date: Jul 29 2004 - 15:51
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This is absolutely one of the best fighting games ever, OMF is not just like many other fighting games (Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, etc.) but it has something special in its mind, a career mode, when you start a career you have to buy and upgrade your robot, how stronger your robot is how more chance you have to win a match, but also your opponents are getting stronger and stronger, and that is what makes this game fun.

The upgrades itself are mostly standard upgrade like more leg speed, more power in your leg, and armor, when you buy some armor you have more chance to survive. The robots are another thing, there are several kind of robots, they have different tricks, a different look and more stuff like that. btw when you buy upgrades you can also buy special moves, but those special moves are also different from fighter to fighter.

The game itself looks pretty good, the graphics are well done and the music is fantastic, it sounds like music from a dutch group, 2 Unlimited was their name, with this music in the background you don't even mind if you lose a match. Well the sounds could be better but they are fine. And the last thing, the gameplay, I think it has a simple gameplay you only have two buttons, mostly one to control your leg, and another for your arms. Now it could be that you think that this game doesn't have a lot of moves, that's right but when you upgrade your robot there are many new moves availble.

One Must Fall 2097 also contains several multiplayer options, it has a two player option, a serial network option, and more network stuff like that. When you start this game you get a short but powerful intro movie, that displays the name of this game "One Must Fall 2097", it has this 2097 in its name because this game looks in the future (2097), where you don't knock someone down by yourself but with a robot. After the intro movie you come into the main menu where you can choose between three game modes, 2 Players, single player and career mode, the career mode is my favorite, what's yours is up to you.

Actually One Must Fall 2097 shouldn't be a robot fighting game, it should be another karate fighting game, a sort of Mortal Kombat, but I think the creators did a great job to change their (real life game) into a fantasy fighting game, the robots is what makes this a great game.

I really want to suggest you to try this game but wait before you download it I want to comment one thing, this game goes much to fast on P150+ systems, to fix this problem just slow down the gamespeed, when you do this this game will be great. So when you like fighting games, that's not very difficult and looks very well, in that case download this game!

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By Bee_94 - Mar 17 2014 - 16:42
If you are a newbie, play on "punching bag" mode, after that, you are mocked by the last fighter, where he's not impressed at your fighting. "I'm not impressed at your pathetic fighting. Come back if you learned how to fight."
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By AXLROSE - Sep 08 2013 - 08:45
The biggest attraction of this game is...sometimes you beat the character(tourney play) to the last few bars,but you still come out short.LOL.
User avatar
By Drugsaregood - Sep 11 2008 - 15:32
 :-s I can remember making save files for this on my 486. I think its still on there  :-s
User avatar
By Mixo - Mar 29 2008 - 13:05
i got my sister addicted to this game the first time i played it - and she was only 9 years old back then. still remember her first customized robo - very pink and very fast  -tongue-
User avatar
By Hanvoof - Aug 23 2006 - 14:30
Best fighting game ever. Period.
Jaguars and Shredders own your puny souls, as do Gargoyles and Shadows to a lesser degree.
The only robo I kinda suck with (read: have severe difficulties to beat the game with at Ultimate which is the secret difficulty level beyond the secret difficulty level (deadly))

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