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Fighting Force

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Name: Fighting Force
Year: 1997
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Core Design Ltd.
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Total rating: 55.3% - rated 72 times
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Submitter: Dragonman4
Score: 10 points
Added: Jun 22 2006
Warez status: Abandonware

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By Bee_94 - May 17 2015 - 11:41
On the PC version, there are character faces with more detail, something that Eidos added to this version.
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Jan 21 2015 - 15:52
The character figure depends on what chracter you selected. If the figure is strong, he/she is powerful.
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Dec 18 2014 - 14:52
Played this game with my brother and he always picked that strong looking guy. I picked the guy on the center of the screen.
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Dec 18 2014 - 14:49
The green hit mark means that the enemy blocked the attack.
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Nov 09 2014 - 13:40
The PC version has clear graphics. The N64 version lacks character face textures.

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