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Zool 2

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Name: Zool 2
Year: 1994
Publisher: Gremlin Interactive
Developer: Gremlin Interactive
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Total rating: 66.7% - rated 19 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: May 23 2004
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Legendary
Date: Mar 17 2005 - 21:12
Score: 40 points
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Zool 2 is a game that I used to play sometimes. Even nowadays. Zool is quite a nice game, features some nice action parts in it. Gremlin made quite good games, and this one is included. Right, on with the review:

Rayman-Super Mario-ish. So it's a quite basic platform scroller. So the controls are good. Well, that's about the only thing good about the gameplay. In every level you have to collect 99 pieces of candy within a certain time. And the levels are really big so it´s quite a challenge to beat the clock. In every level you´ve to hump and bump around the level with a swift of Jazz-Jackrabbit´s gameplay. However, after you played 5 levels or so, it looks receptive and it will become boring. And if that's not all, later on it gets a little bit too hard; the levels seem to keep growing and growing and the time seems to shrink. This isn't quite the gameplay if you would save it and play it again at a later time. After level 5 you've seen about all of the game.

Zool has a some very interesting scenery. You´ll see lollypops around you and some childish monsters. But the scenery really gives you the feeling that you are in the level itself. The simple background gives this game a special touch. The main character is the most detailed of the whole game. The enemies and the other scenery are not detailed so they don't look too good and don't look too bad. Too bad the levels look receptive even in 6 different worlds (like Swan Lake and Mount ices). So, in a nutshell the graphics are okay, too bad the gameplay is taking it down.

One word: Terrible. The sounds are very happy, irritating tunes with nothing special at all in it. And it only repeats, repeats and repeats. The blinding of an item when you pick it up doesn't help too much. So recommended is too keep the volume low or just play this game without sound.

Zool is good for its time. Not so good for now, tough. The only PRO of the game is, and that's why I probably played it back then, the graphics. The music is simply irritating and the gameplay is okay but the levels are just too receptive. If you are a platform freak, and played out all the Mario and Donkey Kong games, give this a shot otherwise I want to suggest you to try games such as Rayman, Donkey Kong Country, Mario World, and so on.

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