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Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II

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Name: Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II
Year: 1997
Publisher: LucasArts
Developer: LucasArts
Platform: PC
Genre: 3D Shooter
Links: Official site
Total rating: 76.7% - rated 57 times
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Submitter: Escripin
Score: 10 points
Added: Jun 08 2006
Warez status: Warez

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Warez: Not available for download 0 Protected
Cheats 1691 Read
Patch: Official v1.01 patch 726 Download

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User avatar
By Jbeavis100 - Jun 18 2010 - 22:38
The second screen shot is not from Dark Forces II its really from Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast
User avatar
By Qwen - Jun 15 2010 - 18:21
Now this is an awsome game! :) The levels aren't just shoot 'em up, they require thinking to win. Espessialy you vs Jerec in the last mission.
User avatar
By BadRabbit - Apr 11 2010 - 23:35
I am so glad i have the original CDs and the Add On "Mysteries of the Sith" (which is much better than the original game, also without real actors). Loved it ...
User avatar
By Theman1945 - Sep 04 2009 - 15:24
the way it's too hard. can you show me all the ways in level 19?
User avatar
By Dengar4810 - Jan 13 2008 - 15:05
One of the best games ever hands down, just bought it on Ebay and started playing again, What a Blast!!!

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