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Name: Caesar
Year: 1993
Publisher: Impressions
Developer: Impressions
Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Total rating: 58.8% - rated 16 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: May 23 2004
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Ben_sullivan
Date: Jun 07 2006 - 21:28
Score: 15 points
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This game was pretty original when it first came out, but that was 13 years ago, and now it looks quite dated.

Graphics - 50%

They aren't great now and they weren't great when this game first came out, they aren't that bad but it doesn't matter because it isn't what this game is all about.

Sound - 50%

Pretty much the same applies

Gameplay - 50%

When it first came out it would have probably got 90% but now it is just unoriginal and boring. You build up a roman empire, hardly age of the empires III now is it?

Overall - 50%

It would have probably got 85% when it first came out but it hasn't stood up to the times well and now just looks dated.


This is really for die hard fans only. But if you've got nothing to do on a wet sunday afternoon then why not play it, after all it is a classic.


If you really like Caesar then go and play the sequel, you can get it for a couple of quid now. That's probably not as good as the original but it is newer and worth playing for fans.

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Download full game 1025 Download
Cheats 1990 Read
Cheats 1840 Read
Game manual 30 Download

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