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Fallout 2

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Name: Fallout 2
Year: 1998
Publisher: Interplay
Developer: Black Isle Studios
Platform: PC
Genre: RPG
Total rating: 88.4% - rated 152 times
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Submitter: Quakeaddict
Score: 10 points
Added: Mar 22 2006
Warez status: Warez

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By Bee_94 - Dec 23 2014 - 15:23
The European version removes children for no known reason.
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By Jgates344 - Nov 23 2009 - 20:53
I have to agree with Brokendownflier. Off all the RPG's I've played, I really like Daggerfall and Morrowind. He certainly has the right idea.
User avatar
By Brokendownflier - Nov 13 2009 - 19:30
RE: By STATION123 - Apr 09 2009 - 13:04
Fallout 1+ 2 are good but fallout 3 is a mega gameing let down, due to the fact its far to much like Oblivion
Although as any self respecting gamer shound know, Morrowind is the best RPG!

Actually any self respecting gamer will tell you that Morrowind's older sibling, Daggerfall is the best RPG--even now. I see this on all the BethSoft forums and DF is still voted #1 on any poll that pops up. :p
User avatar
By Tripstheblue - Aug 14 2009 - 21:30
Fallout 3 was made with the Oblivion Engine. I expected it to be a let down ( because I loved the gameplay of the first two ) but it surprised me. If you haven't played the fallout games, you are truly missing out on a hilariously epic story and highly addictive gameplay.
User avatar
By Bboy_sonik - Jul 13 2009 - 16:40
Reece44 - Sort of, but not really. Diablo is a "Hack'n'Slash" style of RPG, but Fallout is a Tactical/Turn Based RPG.

They both sort of "feel" the same though, the graphical environment does have similarities but they are pretty opposite as far as Top-Down PC RPG's go.

Fallout 2 is the best, 1 is good, Tactics is OK, and 3 is complete crap. Oblivion with guns and thats it... not even as good as Oblivion.... and not enough swear words! Haha!

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