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Starsiege: Tribes

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Name: Starsiege: Tribes
Year: 1998
Publisher: Sierra
Developer: Dynamix
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Total rating: 81.5% - rated 13 times
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Submitter: Thesizzler
Score: 10 points
Added: Feb 22 2006
Warez status: Freeware

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Game review

Author: Thesizzler
Date: Feb 22 2006 - 19:11
Score: 30 points
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You have probably heard of Tribes 2, or Tribes Vengence. If not, they are both fantastic multiplayer games. This, obviously, is the first game of the series. Although not a full MMOG, it is a ( except for the training missions) multiplayer only game.

Set in the distant future, you will find very diverse weapons, ranging from explosive disc shooters to personal artillery launchers. In addition to the weapons, you will have one of a set of 'packs' that give you a specific power-up, such as more ammuniton or a small deployable turret. Also, there are 3 different types of armor. The most prominent features of these armors is the jump-jets they have. The scout armor, obviously the fastest, is small and very manuverable. With its jump jets, you can fly higher than any other armor class. The downsides to this armor is that it is weak and it cannot hold many weapons. The assult armor is the next heaviest. It has both moderate protection and speed, and can hold 1 more weapon. Heavy armor has very low speed but great protection. It can hold 5 weapons. You do not pick up these weapons, packs, and armors up on the ground like in other FPS, you go to an Inventory Station and select your loadout - for free. When selecting your arsnel, keep in mind that manuverability is very important, and that you should always be trying to destroy the enemys base or something.

One of the most unique things about this game is vehicles. There are three types of flying vehicles in this game. A small 'fighter' that has missles. A light person carrier, and a heavy person carrier.

This game is very fun and has maximum replayability. You can still be succesful even if you suck at combat. This is definatly a must play.

Game files

  Type / Title Downloads / Views Action
Special download: Windows XP version 99 Download
Download full game 47 Download
General cheats 700 Read
Map editing 761 Read
Special Voices 898 Read
Default Game Controls 771 Read
Patch: Official v1.8 to v1.11 patch 54 Download

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By Bee_94 - Apr 09 2015 - 16:24
For custom sounds add them into your skins directory.
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By Bee_94 - Jul 01 2014 - 13:19
To promote the release of the 3rd game, Sierra makes it for freeware!
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By Commander204 - Jul 29 2011 - 20:14
Possibly one of the most creative way to play the modern Team-based game.

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