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Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf

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Name: Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf
Year: 1994
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Gremlin Interactive
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Total rating: 70.7% - rated 24 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: May 22 2004
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Swizzle
Date: May 31 2004 - 14:36
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Originally released on the Sega Genesis (and later Super Nintendo) Desert Strike for the PC is the first of the "strike" games by Electronic Arts. In Desert Strike your mission is simple. Navigate an Apache Helicopter around a map shooting enemies with various weapons. The weapons include a chain gun, hydra missiles, and "regular" missiles. During your missions you will need to replenish your fuel, armor, and ammo by picking up crates around the map (but be careful there is a limited amount).

The missions in the game range from simple seek and destroy, to escorts and hostage rescues. Luckily the game does give you a map with locations of your targets, crates and enemies. As you move up through the game the map will give you several possible locations for many targets instead of telling you exactly where each is.

The graphics and sound in the game are very good. However, the sound and graphics on the console versions of the game are better than the PC. If you really enjoy this game I would recommend purchasing a copy to use on your own Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis (Not to mention the controller is just better for this game than a keyboard).

Overall the game play is excellent. The levels and missions are not repetitive which could have happened since most of the game is based in the desert. This game is also one that can be replayed many times. I never get sick of flying my helicopter, and engaging the little guys running around the screen with my chaingun!

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By Bee_94 - Jan 25 2015 - 20:46
The CD version uses a neat visual technique: Live-action cutscenes.
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By Bboy_sonik - Jul 15 2009 - 09:48
It may have been released on SNES, Sega and PC, but the AMiga version was the best - it had upgraded graphics (I guess because it was the same architecture as the Sega, but way more powerful so it was an easy port)
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By Gnewt - Sep 02 2006 - 06:42
My friend has this on SNES!! So very fun on rainy days, especially when you play Street Fighter 2 afterwards.
User avatar
By Teros_121 - Jun 01 2006 - 20:33
Ok Khan79
Your problem is that you are running win XP
Win XP has 0 DOS support
Run it in dosbox and it will work fine.

I had this on my amiga and i loved it

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