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Name: Descent
Year: 1995
Publisher: Interplay
Developer: Parallax Software
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Total rating: 86.4% - rated 35 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: May 22 2004
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Res
Date: May 24 2004 - 17:02
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Short Introduction:
This is one of the first games around that were fully three-dimensional. You can fly with your ship to any direction that´s possible. This makes it, for its age, a very modern game. Descent came on the market somewhere in 1994, that´s already ten years ago, unless it´s so damn old it´s also playable these days, the graphics are not superb but for the rest this game is perfect, the combination of the music and levels make this game a very enslaving game, the level design is so good that you sometimes can´t find the exit or a specific door, to solve this little problem the creators included a map, you can enter it by pressing the "TAB" button on your keyboard, now a 3D map will show up, you can zoom in, change the position of the camera (use the arrows to do this) and you will get an idea where you have to fly to, to find the exit or a specific door. Descent contains enough missions to keep you busy for many hours, and when you think that this game is too short by then, I want to say "try one of the mission packs that we have for you".

Descent contains standard 30 different levels, a multiplayer option that allows you to play Descent up to eight players (by network, modem or serial), lots of good looking and very intelligent enemies for the rest Descent contains more then twenty-five different music tracks, and a lot of different weapons so you won´t be disappointed because of the reason that this game should not contain enough stuff to keep you busy for many hours. The only point that I can complain about is that you can´t choose between different ships but that will be the same as you want to complain about the fact that you can´t choose an other character in games such as Doom and Heretic, so this is noting to be sad about.

The Graphics:
The graphics is the only point of this game that could be better but overall they are good enough. The bad points of the graphics are the walls, they are just like many games from 1994 as I call it "read the pixels", but for the rest everything is fine, for example the monsters. The monsters look good from every position, the back, front, left, right-side, top or whatever, the monsters look fantastic. One of the strongest points of the graphics are the explosions, it looks very realistic. Another great point of the graphics engine is the fact that you are able to recognize rockets, they look just like a real rockets, when you take a look at the game "Doom" I can tell you that the rockets in this game look not as good as Descents rockets, on many points I get the impression that Dooms graphics engine is not as good as Descents.

Music and Sounds:
One of the strongest points of this game is the music, it simply rocks. Every mission has different music and also the menu and credit screen have another track. The sounds of this game give you the feeling that your ship has been hit by real rockets, and when you shoot at enemies that you simply can hear if you hit them or not.

The Gameplay:
When you play Descent for the first time you will irritate yourself a little about the way you have to control your ship because it´s not very simple, but after some training you will be able with any difficulties to fly to specific points or shoot enemies down from a long distance. I think that the gameplay is very good especially when you think of the fact that this was one of the first games that had a totally three-dimensional 360 degrees environment.

What do you have to do?
What you have to do is first of all read all information that will shows up on your screen before you finally enter a mission, this information will tell you something about what you have to do and what new enemies you can expect during the mission. After these short intros you will enter the mission in question, mostly you have to destroy enemies by now and search for three different keys (a blue, a red and a yellow one), you can use those keys to open doors that require a specific key. When you collected all keys you have to locate the exit and a big machine or a boss that you have to destroy before the exit will go open. When you blew up the big machine or the big boss you have to fly as quickly as possible to the exit otherwise you will die because the building where you just killed some monsters, collected some keys and destroyed the machine or big boss that allows you to enter the exit will blow up within´ sixty seconds.

I think this game is worth a try even when you own a Windows XP machine with 3.2Ghz, because this game is so damn good that even modern pc´s like this game ;-), but when you want to run it on those machines you have to download some patches (they are available on this website) to get sound support and a little bit improved graphics (OpenGL or 3DFX patch).

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User avatar
By Trust2112 - Mar 26 2006 - 14:41
Excellent game ! As you wiggle your way through tunnels, you will slowly notice that the hours have flown by, and again, you are late for work, oops
User avatar
By Orionriver - Mar 25 2006 - 18:58
The descent series is possibly the best set of games out there. I just wish someone would post freespace, I stepped on my CD last week, lol.
User avatar
By Ephermis - Mar 01 2006 - 22:19
descent freespace made a lot of improvements, although its nearly impossible to play it w/o a joystick imo
User avatar
By Ffistie - Feb 02 2006 - 20:05
Pretty descent game :) ...what am I talking about...pretty f****n sweet
User avatar
By AdmiralLawman - Jan 21 2006 - 21:53
The cover is a bit odd.

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