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Mortal Kombat 4

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Name: Mortal Kombat 4
Year: 1998
Publisher: Midway
Developer: GT Interactive
Platform: PC
Genre: Arcade
Total rating: 65.7% - rated 259 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: May 22 2004
Warez status: Warez

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Author: Gc_nnguyen
Date: Feb 19 2006 - 22:54
Score: 15 points
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It's amazing, since the early 90s Mortal Kombat the Arcade game hit the stores in America. About a decade passes, and two more sequels using sprites of real humans are released into the gaming world. Then, the entire real-life human sprite videogaming experience of Mortal Kombat changes, when the fourth installment comes out in 3D.

I was surprised when I first got the console version of the game on PSOne. The graphics were excellent for a PSOne game; smooth and highly detailed. For the first time in the entire MK Series there were actual movie sequences after you had completed Arcade mode unlike the previous ones where you were shown pictures with subtitles describing the aftermath of your character.

The game is great with its controls, easy to remember and in the tradition with the previous MKs. You can still do Sub Zero's basic freeze move like in every single other MK with down, forward + low punch.

The plot is alright, I have to admit I disliked the installments of the two new sinister bosses Shinnok and Quan Chi. Those two were not as good as Shao Kahn or even Shang Tsung. However there is a character from the original MK, Goro which is now in 3D and still manages to kick your butt so easily just like in MK.

Overall, Mortal Kombat 4 is pretty good. With its easy to remember controls, smooth graphics and promising to last you hours of gameplay. Henceforth I give this game a 9/10!!

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By Bee_94 - May 09 2015 - 09:25
Because it is still sold. You need to buy it or get from elsewhere.
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Nov 23 2014 - 11:48
The character head textures are photo-realistic. And the blood is not realistic, but almost fairly cartoony.
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Oct 05 2014 - 10:37
Pop in the game disc and the sound is not a issue.
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Aug 23 2014 - 12:02
The same ocurred in the previous. Sub-Zero was substituted by his brother. Scorpion was substituted by Smoke.
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Aug 20 2014 - 21:42
"Kick-fu, folks!", said Kikoskia during his LP of this game.

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