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Tomb Raider II: The Dagger of Xian

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Name: Tomb Raider II: The Dagger of Xian
Year: 1997
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Core Design Ltd.
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Total rating: 65.7% - rated 108 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: Jan 23 2005
Warez status: Warez

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Author: Rika
Date: Feb 22 2006 - 00:01
Score: 25 points
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My favorite game's all Tomb Raider series (except AoD ;) ), and I have become an expert on these games. Tomb Raider II is the only TR where you go to China and that the main theme is Chinese mithology,


Well, most TRs are about Lara getting an artifact that has never been seen before and legends surround it. Well, TRII is no exception but this the main idea, the plot is much thicker... I won't spoil for those who haven't played the game but it has unexpected twists and Lara visits the most strange places, the story is solid and well told trough the game (tough some more dialog would come right in hand...


So we come to it... Gameplay is what makes TR so special (that and Lara -tongue- ). Some see it as simple shoot-jump-beatpuzzle but those who see the real beauty of it enjoy it a lot. It's deficulty is medium so it can reach everyone (except children). Basically you have to get to the end of the level but for that you must jump, kill, puzzle trough, think and have lots of patience. The controls are adequate and became classic for all TRs (even AoD) cause they are comfortable and handy.


Don't have much to say here... TRs have never been top notch graphics but simply competed with other bigger games. TRII has classic '97 3D graphics (much better than TRI) and they're clear so I can't complain. Pity that objects and stuff like fire are still in 2D.


Ok, sound rules! The music is great! The sound is very clear... The music is so good, I should know, I'm a musician! You still hear that old tune when you do something to get closer to the end of the level (or when you're there). The sound has some flaws but nothing important, I just think the sound of Lara's guns ain't that realistic. Overall, good.


The game's great... 5 outta 5 or 10 outta 10! It's THAT good! The only TR that's better is TRIII... Still, TRII is a classic and you're not an adventurer, gamer or even cult, if you don't try it. Buy it, it must cheap now (back at my country it only costs 10 ).

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By Bee_94 - May 17 2015 - 11:39
The original game recieved a Golden Disk award in a Polish game magazine.
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By Bee_94 - Apr 02 2015 - 12:36
The ending is like in that film which I watched yesterday: Our main character slowly turns to the camera and blasts it.
"Sean Connery is about to shoot you", in other words.
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By Bee_94 - Aug 26 2014 - 10:48
(Playstation review) This is classic which is topped-off by lousy control and bad level layout. 5/10 "mediocre"
(PC review) An improvement over the lousy Playstation port, better control and improved level layout. 8/10 "incredible"
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By Bee_94 - Aug 20 2014 - 08:39
Flights of Fantasy made a review of it. It concludes with the player falling a long way down.
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By Drugsaregood - Jun 01 2012 - 05:34
The game is being sold on the PlayStation Network as a digital download , published by Square.

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