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Jazz Jackrabbit 2

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Name: Jazz Jackrabbit 2
Year: 1998
Publisher: Project 2 Interactive
Developer: Epic Megagames
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Total rating: 79.4% - rated 89 times
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Submitter: Insaneman
Added: Oct 13 2004
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Legendary
Date: Oct 18 2004 - 00:37
Score: 45 points
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Let's face it: Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is proberly one of the best games Epic Megagames ever made, Epic Megagames is the big company behind the Unreal Tournament and Jazz Jackrabbit series. Jazz Jackrabbit 2 features fast action and quick gameplay, it looks great and I hope this review will invite you to give it a shot.

The Story:
When we left our rabbit for the last time, somewhere in 1994, he rescued Princess Eva and saved Carottus from the evil Devan Shell. Jazz married Princess Eva and he wanted to give her a diamond ring. But Devan showed up, grabbed the ring and fled so he can make a time machine to make a great turtle future, without rabbits! Your mission is to prevent this and save Carrotus (the planet were Jazz lives) once again.

The graphics are good, especially the ambient light, when you are in a cave or you are in a dark surrounding, the screen gets dark and the character that you have chosen starts to light up. Every enemy is really nice, drawing like, detailed, so is the scenery and the general layout of the levels. Each level has a great background which a platform game like this really needs. Everything is drawn which makes it better than you think it is. The scenery is just great. Each level has loads of scenery wich will give you the feeling that you are in the level. The firing of the weapons and the weapons itself are very original. I mean, who would ever though of a Blue Bullet Bouncer? Some weapons also have ambient light. For example if you fire with your Toaster (Flamethrower) in a cave, some parts of the cave will light up. So the drawn graphics, and the special gem, coin, candy, block and some others are awesomely done. These kind of graphics were not regular in this year.

Fantastic. You can move so fast that it's very hard to follow your character with your eyes. Each character has its own special and original moves. For example Jazz can do a Uppercut and his strange brother Spaz can do a karate kick. The gameplay will almost give you the feeling that you can just float through the air and blow up all your enemies if they were as easy as pie. You can pick up shields hidden in secret places and even more fun. If you want to collect everything you need to play it in MultiPlayer mode, this is because sometimes you'll need a special and unique move which are different from character to character. Too bad that Epic has made this game quite easy. A rookie can play out the hardest level of the game without having real problems. Jazz Jackrabbit 2 also knows a JCS (Jazz Creation Station) which allows you to make your own levels. This isn't very userfriendly though but when you get the hang of it, it isn't difficult anymore. I even saw some levels with a Dragonball Z and Pokemon theme!

Also one of the PROS of this game. This game has a sort of Mario addicting background music. When you hear it all day long, you won't get irritated by it. The background music changes when you are in a fight with an end boss, in this case you'll hear an exiting tune.

Last Comments:
On the whole Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is a quite nice game. It features some great multiplayer options where you can battle against 31 other people which can be loads of fun. Most platform fans will have this game somewere and want to suggest you to give it a try. It's a great classic and it wouldn't harm you to give this game a shot.

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Download full game 6254 Download
CD ISO 719 Download
Cheats 3480 Read
Patch: Official v1.23 patch 214 Download
Ingame music - MP3 (128kbps) 204 Download

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User avatar
By Bee_94 - Jul 17 2015 - 18:45
Check something out! People still like this kick-arse game!
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Oct 09 2014 - 14:51
Yes, me too. I was addicted to playing the shareware demo where it came on a Flowers disc dated back in 2000.
User avatar
By Shrarukh12 - Sep 27 2014 - 11:36
This is my favourite game
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Dec 11 2013 - 17:43
Pretty cool. The demo had about few solo levels and multiplayer modes.
User avatar
By Bllcn - Mar 23 2013 - 13:19
My childhood passed with playing this game and i must tell ingame musics are so cool !!

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