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Name: 1942
Year: 1985
Publisher: Capcom Entertainment
Developer: Capcom Entertainment
Platform: NES
Genre: Arcade
Total rating: 53.8% - rated 13 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: Sep 02 2004
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Res
Date: Sep 02 2004 - 00:46
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This is a game that I would call "a real classic", its even fun to play it these days. 1942 is a classic flight simulator (top-view camera) where you have to shoot every airplane down that's coming on your way, it's very very easy and I'm sure that lots of people messed up their "B" button on their NES joystick, games like this are real button bash games. So actually it's just a "smash your button" game, unless this very simple concept it's lots of fun to play.

When this game was released somewhere in 1985 it was a game with the title "high graphics & great gameplay", and I can confess that, the graphics are very nice and the gameplay is good. For the rest there are also some other important factors such as music/sound, well I can tell you the music sucks... but what do you want on a 8-Bit console "CD quality music???", that's impossible but I'm sure the creators could improve the music, one big and very important thing that's not good in this game. For the rest I must confess it's a great title with many hours of gaming pleasure in its mind, 1942 contains 32 levels, differentiating in look and airplanes... so basically you don't really have to complete a mission, just shoot other airplanes down.

A nice thing that this game has are power-ups, these power-ups are very useful especially when you have to destroy a "big" airplane or boat. Examples of power-ups are different weapons, an extra life, points, some little helpers (small planes flying next to your plane), and many other very useful power-ups.

The story behind this game is simple as I said before, just shoot other planes down. When you shoot planes down you get points, you may guess what I want to say... well your mission is to complete as much levels as possible and get a very high, almost unbeatable high score. A weak point of this and many other NES games is that when you restart the game your high score has been removed.

1942 also has a two player option which is very cool in my eyes, the only thing I dislike is that you can't play together so you and your opponent just fly alone so it still looks like it is a one player game :-(

Overall I think that 1942 is worth a try. Especially to see how games like flight simulators are improved, and I'm serious about the graphics thing... the graphics are great for 1985. Check it out! And don't mess up your Joystick or Keyboard... because I already did it :-), so when you lose just close this game (to save your Joystick's life) or try it again when you don't get as angry as me!

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