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Command & Conquer Gold

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Name: Command & Conquer Gold
Year: 1997
Publisher: Virgin Games
Developer: Westwood
Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Total rating: 82.2% - rated 398 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: May 22 2004
Warez status: Freeware

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Author: Nanaki_Xii
Date: Dec 30 2004 - 19:57
Score: 40 points
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Back in the day when the only real fans Westwood had were their rabid Dune 2 players, the company was pretty silent, until they came out with a game that would probably change Strategy games forever.

C&C (Command & Conquer) was immediatly picked off the shelves by any type of gamer, hungy for the piece of meat that surrounded the bones of the hype, many found that this game, -nay, piece of art- was one the most excellent experiences they've ever had.

C&C provivdes a great interface and a simple learning curve. To build structures/units all you have to do is to click upon a icon that represents a certain unit, a countdown would appear and your funds would be slowly removed from your overall amount. So far, every game in the series has used that interface.

The graphics are none too special, not even for when the game first appeared, although there were very nice effects, explosions, and overall lighting, you could gaze at the scenery then return to your destructive duties. Where this game really shines is the phenomenal sound, everything from the massive explosions as tanks are torn apart by gunfire, to the screams of your men as they die on the battlefield, the game has done it all so well, it sets a true feeling of atmosphere to the post-apocalyptic setting. The music is also a gem, the techno soundtrack mixes well with the ties of war.

Commanding units is easy, left clicking gives commands, moving, attacking, etc. while right clicking would cancel selection of the unit. All this was brought together by a slick campaign that didn't have much of a real story, but provided some engaging FMV movies that were actually quite well acted. The missions were varied, everything ranging from starting out with a small squad of units, carefully planning your way through the war torn landscape, or starting off with a fully fledged base that you had to defend within a certain time limit.

Besides that, there are balancing issues, two sides are presented the NOD (Generic Evil Doer) and the GDI (Generic Goody Two-Shoes). Many times the Nod's defense buildings could wipe out entire groups of powerful GDI units, (Obelisks of Light anyone?). Although the gold version doesn't present much new, a few tweaks and improvements there provides a definate experience for those that haven't already been entrenched in C&C.

Game files

  Type / Title Downloads / Views Action
Download full game 9493 Download
CD ISO - Disk 1/2 (GDI) 244 Download
CD ISO - Disk 2/2 (NOD) 190 Download
Destroying NOD Sam Sites 4024 Read
Cheats 5679 Read
Fast Harvesting 4991 Read
Cheats 5487 Read
Cheats 4580 Read
Cheats 4498 Read
Cheats 4523 Read
Ingame music 176 Download
Patch: Windows 2000/XP Compatibility patch 2297 Download

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User avatar
By Bee_94 - Feb 09 2015 - 17:36
The German release has androids, and the game manual censores the human faces. The box has a change: The rifle is not visible, and the soldier is bigger. Some cinematics have been changed.
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Jan 11 2015 - 17:00
This game is freeware as of 2007.
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Nov 01 2014 - 18:21
The game is (suprisingly) locked to the 640-400 resolution.
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Aug 30 2014 - 12:23
"Here YOU go!" (shoots the trooper)
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Aug 25 2014 - 05:15
But the game is shrunk. Weird. (Same issue in FIFA 2000.)

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