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What is Abandonware?
Abandonware is software which is no longer being sold or supported by its copyright holder. Classic Gaming Network does not claim ownership on products distributed over our network. We mainly distribute Abandonware, which is not legal unless you own an original copy of the product. Abandonware is a term used to describe software of any age that has been discontinued or 'abandoned' by its original copyright owners. Our Classic Gaming Network exists to keep old games 'alive' that otherwise might disappear into the mists of time.


Am I allowed to use other languages than English?
No, the only official language you may use on this site is English. We do this to create a standard and keep everything simple and understandable for everyone. Contributions written in another language will be removed without any notice.

Is it allowed to use street language?
No, we call this cheap language. What we mean by this is U instead of You and Y instead of Why, etcetera. Also, please do not use all your first letter of your words with a capital (for example Hello I'm New Here And I Have A Question) or write entire sentences in capitals. In the digital world using only capitals will be considered as screaming.

Is it allowed to submit content from other websites?
No, it's not allowed to contribute content taken from other sites such as reviews, screenshots, etcetera. When you report stolen content please contact our Support Department.

When should I use the comment feature all over the site?
To add some notes or important information to a certain page on our website is a good thing. First of all you help other visitors to make their choice and possibility you help them out of trouble too. It is allowed to post comments all over the site, but there are some rules. For instance the post must be useful, not just a bunch of smilies for instance. Our moderators will check all comments to keep our site free of spam, nonsense and unwanted links. Of course it could happen that our moderators didn't notice a certain comment, in this case please report it to our Team of Moderators and you will be rewarded with 5 points. Please note: a post must be 72 hours old before the discribed rule comes in.

After installing game 'x' I experience trouble with my computer, what can I do about it?
We at Classic Gaming Network accept no responsibility for anything that may occur as a result of you visiting this website / signing up and/or downloading software(s). This includes, but is not limited to; damage to your personal computer, loss of data, etc. Files downloaded from our site are by no means guaranteed to be non-corrupt, complete, or virus-free. While we try to prevent it by any means possible, we can not be held responsible for any damage inflicted to you or your equipment, nor for incorrect, corrupt, incomplete, virus contaminated, or otherwise damaged files.

Is it allowed to post links to other websites?
Yes, it is allowed to post links to other websites that feature further information about a certain game or application or what so ever. It is not allowed to post direct download links located on other websites or post links to adult or Warez sites.

I canít open an archive after downloading it, what is wrong?
All packages on our website are packed in a certain way. For instance packages that contain the text [CGN] in the filename use our installer, featuring an easy to use installation procedure. Other packages are packed in .rar or .zip format; youíll need special software to open these files. In our application selection (catergory: compression) you are able to download applications to take care of these packages for instance WinRAR, WinRAR is able to take care of .zip and .rar packages.

Iím not using Windows and canít open a package, what can I do about it?
When the package in question has [CGN] in the filename it comes along with the CGN installer, the installer is written for Windows only. There is third party software available to take care of these packages in Linux/FreeBSD/etc. but we strongly recommend to use Windows to install games.

How do I run NES/SNES/Game Gear/Master System/etc. games on my PC?
In our Howto selection there are several guides available that will show you how to play your good old console games on your computer. Please note: at the time of writing the Howto selection is under construction.

I have installed/unpacked a DOS game but canít run it, what should I do?
Running DOS games in Windows has always been a pain in the ass; especially when youíre using Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7. But for most games there is a solution. Thanks to the people of the DOSBox project youíll be able to play as good as every DOS game on your high-tech computer. DOSBox is a virtual good old DOS machine thatís able to run DOS games in Windows, Linux or whatever you use. What it basically does is slowdown your computer and act like DOS. In our application selection there is a download available. Youíll need some knowledge to take care of DOSBox but there is a guide available on our website that will help you out along with some screenshots. Click here to see our self-written DOSBox guide.

Why is game -x- not available for download?
On game pages there is a text that will tell you if a game is warez or abandonware; itís called ĎWarez statusí. When a certain game is listed as Warez there wonít be a full game download available. Please note: Some games are listed as abandonware but donít feature a download link, this is mainly because we didnít add the download yet or we simply donít have a working copy of the game. In this case please contact our Support Department to ask for the status of a certain download.

How long does it take before someone has moderated my contribution?
It depends on what youíve submitted, we try to check everything within 50 days after contributing but we canít guarantee this. It speaks for itself that it takes less time to moderate a cheat document than an entire game.

Do you also accept games in other languages?
At this time we only accept English games. There are a few Dutch and German games available on the site but this is only because we already had these games when we released our first classic gaming site back in 2003.

My premium account has been removed after I claimed my money back, why is this?
Because we stated in our license agreement (when you sign up for a membership) that we don't give money back in any circumstances concerning a premium account we will remove your account because this takes a lot of time for us before the issue is finally processed by creditcard companies.

What is an ISO file?
The ISO 9660 standard is an exact copy of a disk or cd-rom. An iso file is also known as Ďimageí. An iso file features all information available on a certain medium, also featuring attributes, bootcodes, copy protections, etc; all packed in one giant file (the iso file). When you burn an iso image youíll have an exact copy of the original copy. One of the advantages of an iso image is that you donít need patches or cracks to verify that you have a legal copy of software. You can burn iso files with burning software such as Nero Burning Rom, ImgBurn, CloneCD, etc. You can also use virtual cd-rom drives to take care of iso files, software thatís capable of doing this is Daemon Tools. Your computer will see a real cd-rom drive, nevertheless itís a virtual drive.

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