Company information

Aicom Corporation

Name: Aicom Corporation
Established: 1988
Status: Acquired by Sega Sammy Holdings
Submitter: Res
Added: Feb 06 2011

Company description

Aicom is a now defunct Japanese video game developer. It is believed that it was founded in 1988 at the latest, possibly by a group that left Jaleco. Despite evidence to support this the Sammy corporate website lists 1990 as the first year and that it was a subsidiary. It was bought by Sega Sammy Holdings in 1992.

Their games include The Mafat Conspiracy, Totally Rad and Vice: Project Doom on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Blaster Master Boy for the Game Boy and tPulstar for Neo Geo.

It eventually broke off from Sammy, and with funding from SNK eventually became Yumekobo and produced games mainly for SNK systems.

Some games developed or published by this company

Name System Genre
Amagon NES Action
All-Pro Basketball NES Sports

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