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Acclaim Entertainment

Name: Acclaim Entertainment
Established: 1987
Status: Closed
Links: Official site
Submitter: Res
Added: May 22 2004

Company description

Acclaim Entertainment was an American video game developer and publisher. It developed, published, marketed and distributed interactive entertainment software for a variety of hardware platforms, including Sega's Mega Drive/Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, and Game Gear, Nintendo's NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance, Sony's PlayStation and PlayStation 2, Microsoft's Xbox, and, to a lesser extent, personal computer systems and arcade games. It also released video games for the Sega Master System in Europe.

Since Acclaim Entertainment's 2004 demise, the Acclaim brand and logotype have been purchased by Acclaim Games and are now used by this unrelated company. Canadian video game publisher Throwback Entertainment acquired 150+ titles of Acclaim's video game library.


Some games developed or published by this company

Name System Genre
True Lies SNES Action
Bart vs The Space Mutants Master System Action
Alien Trilogy PC 3D Shooter
WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game PC Arcade
Re-Volt PC Racing
Mortal Kombat 2 Genesis Arcade
Airwolf NES Simulation
Turok 1: Dinosaur Hunter PC 3D Shooter
Arch Rivals NES Sports
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil PC 3D Shooter

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User avatar
By Paperklip81 - Apr 22 2010 - 08:18
Re-Volt is the best arcade racing game ever!
I remember playing it all day when I was a kid.
User avatar
By Pringles1942 - Feb 04 2009 - 02:05
Acclaim went belly up when they were about to release Juiced. They deserved it, but that blew our chances of . revolt 2. D'oh!
User avatar
By Hummers - Jan 21 2008 - 23:11
I really like NBA Jam 2000. It may be old, but is very fun arcade style basketball.

Ha ha...animals + people.
User avatar
By Adophor - May 30 2007 - 22:11
Yeah... Turok was the Best from Acclaim

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