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Adeline Software International

Name: Adeline Software International
Established: 1993
Status: Bankrupt
Submitter: Grades
Added: Jun 25 2006

Company description

Source: Wikipedia

Adeline Software International was a video game developer founded in February 1993 and based in Lyon, France. The company employed 21 people including graphic artists, developers and musicians. 5 members make up the core of the team: Frédérick Raynal, Director, Yaël Barroz, computer artist in charge of scenery, Didier Chanfray, Artwork Director, Serge Plagnol, Technical Director and Laurent Salmeron, resource manager. Its products included Little Big Adventure, Time Commando, and Little Big Adventure 2.

The team mostly came from Infogrames another french video game company after a disagreement about sequels of Alone in the Dark hit.

After the release of Little Big Adventure 2, Adeline Software International slowly went quiet, then became bankrupt. Little Big Adventure is still supported by a community known as the Magic Ball Network. Little Big Adventure 3 has been a talking topic in recent months, with Frédérick Raynal proposing new games to publishers - including a proposal for LBA3.

Some games developed or published by this company


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