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SNES Emulator: ZSNES

Name: SNES Emulator: ZSNES
Year: 2007
Version: 1.51
Links: Official site
Rating: 80% - rated 23 times
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Submitter: Grades
Added: Dec 26 2005

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Description: ZSNES is a really cool Super Nintendo emulator, with a lot of features and support for many capabilities. The ZSNES even has built-in multiplayer support so that you can play your favourite Snes games against your friends, and beat them like you used to back in the old days!


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By Greatatom8 - Sep 29 2012 - 13:13
this emulator is cool, try it
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By Vgplayer_2006 - Jan 11 2007 - 23:38
Its not the best Nintendo emulator. Its not the best SNES emulator out there. It IS the best emulator!  ;)
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By Nuphe - Jan 30 2006 - 11:31
It's the best, it lack more than two players over the net/lan. Just add that and it's prefect.
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By Teros_121 - Jan 28 2006 - 19:55
There will never be a better snes emulator out there.

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