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Name System Genre Rating
Air Fortress NES Arcade 38
Akai Koudan Zillion Master System Action 49
Athena NES Action 57
Crazy Cars PC Racing 65
Double Dragon PC Arcade 67
Final Fantasy I NES RPG 81
Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards PC Adventure 65
Mega Man NES Action 67
Metal Gear NES Action 85
OutRun Master System Racing 83
Police Quest 1: In Pursuit of the Death Angel PC Adventure 76
Punch-Out NES Sports 77
Space Quest 2: Vohaul's Revenge PC Adventure 81
Test Drive PC Racing 71
The Three Stooges PC Action 80
Trojan NES Action 55
Wizardry IV: The Return of Werdna PC RPG 58

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