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Zeppelin: Giants of the Sky

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Name: Zeppelin: Giants of the Sky
Year: 1993
Publisher: Ikarion Software GmbH
Developer: Ikarion Software GmbH
Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Total rating: 66.8% - rated 16 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: May 25 2004
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Res
Date: May 25 2004 - 13:30
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Short Introduction:
What this game is all about is finding a way in the "Zeppelin" business. You are the owner of a company that makes Zeppelins, controls Zeppelins, exports products through the air by the usage of Zeppelins and the most important thing bring people from one place to another. When you start you have to enter a name (mostly your own) that you want to give yourself in this game as following you have to give your first Zeppelin a name and after that you will enter the game. And there it all begins, you have to bring people with your Zeppelin from one place to another, get orders so you can start building Zeppelins for money and in the end get rich, win awards and build the best Zeppelins around. I think you may call this game "Zeppelin Tycoon", people who know Transport Tycoon, Pizza Tycoon, etc. know what this means, the game is totally specialized in a specific business namely the Zeppelin business.

Zeppelin offers you the opportunity to learn something about Zeppelins. You namely have to build Zeppelins, take care of them (repair them, put enough gas into it, etc.) and in the end fly to locations all around the world such as London (England), New York (America), Madrid (Spain), Moscow (Russia), and many other locations. Like I said before you are the owner of a "Zeppelin" company and are able to build them you can do this in your wharf, but you can´t do this without material, you need it to build Zeppelins. You have to buy material on markets all around the world, in every market you have to pay different prices for materials but in the end you will find out that materials cost as good as noting when you look at the costs you have to pay for your workers and scientists. To get rich you have to try to get orders, this goes as following: in the "news" bar there will be some news about someone (such as the government, a specific person that´s very rich, etc.) that´s interested in buying a Zeppelin, when that appears you have to fly to a specific location to register your company in a list of companies that want to build the Zeppelin, after about three weeks you and all other companies that want to build the Zeppelin have to do a bid, the one with the lowest bid will get the job, I want to suggest you to save your game before you do your bid because when you don´t get the order you can load the game and do another bid with a lower price, I´m not as dumb as I look like ;-) is what you can say to yourself when you do that. For the rest this game contains some small other features such as a two player option and information about events that took place during the years 1900 up to 1930, such as a king that died, a Zeppelin that crashed, and some other "world news" items.

The Graphics:
When you run this game for the first time you will think "fantastic graphics" for a game of the year 1993 but after a couple of minutes you know why they are "not" fantastic at all because this game basically contains of a couple of screens (with some pictures and text) that will show up over and over again, in the end you will get sick of it and finally close the game because it´s getting too boring. The graphics are not the best part of the game but it´s always nice to see some pictures of "good old Zeppelins" nowadays.

Music and Sounds:
Zeppelin contains about ten tracks that you will hear a lot of times when you play this game for about an hour or longer, it will irritate you in the end but sometimes you will also get a sort of "boost" of it but overall the music sounds nice but the variation is not good enough, you will hear the "main menu" song at least a hundred times when you play this game, and that really sucks in the end. Also little sounds are not very good so I can´t say that the "music and sound" part of this game is very good.

The Gameplay:
The gameplay has two sides, when you don´t understand how it works you won´t get interested in the game at all but when you know how it works I can tell you that it´s very nice to browse around the game. For beginners I will say that you just have to try out options and after a while you will know exactly how it works. So the gameplay part of this game is not something to call "very difficult" this is mostly because the game doesn´t contain tons of options.

What do you have to do?
Like I said before you have to rule a company that´s specified in the "Zeppelin business" and do jobs like building Zeppelins, transfer products and people from one place to another and finally win some awards and get respected by anyone. It sounds difficult but when you know how this game works it´s very easy.

I think the idea of Zeppelin is cool and very well converted to a game by the people at Ikarion Software GmbH but overall this game doesn´t contain enough to keep you busy for hours and hours, so I won´t call it an enslaving game. But when you want to know a little bit more about Zeppelins I want to suggest you to download this game and don´t throw this game away because you don´t get rich enough when you play it for the first time, when I look at myself the first time I played it I failed, my company was bankrupt after only two or three years but when I look at my most recent game I´m a millionaire and almost can´t get bankrupt anymore so don´t look at the financial part of the game, just try it again when you fail.

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User avatar
By Oye - Oct 27 2010 - 19:02
Use hex editor for editing save file, i got 999,999,999 money.
But its not fun for me
User avatar
By CountDruckula - Apr 24 2010 - 06:07
It would be a lot easier if you wouldn't lose money that fast -irritated-
User avatar
By Marktsv66 - Jun 18 2009 - 15:23
Its certainly not a incredible game but worth couple hours.
I remember seeing this game when it first came out!
For fun I downloaded it and after a number of failed attempts broke through the going bankrupt barrier.
Hint 1. Do your development, pay loans, sell Zeppelins cheap enough to ensure turnover to do research.
Then its perhaps too easy...oh yeah how does it end????? have 100,000,000 with about 1.2million week earnings, cant see/find how to thats my weakness....any advice?

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