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Mad Dog McCree

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Name: Mad Dog McCree
Year: 1993
Publisher: IBM
Developer: American Laser Games
Platform: PC
Genre: Arcade
Total rating: 71.5% - rated 13 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: Jul 07 2008
Warez status: Abandonware

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CD ISO (original DOS release) 138 Download

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User avatar
By Bee_94 - Mar 30 2015 - 15:28
The back of the box got a printing error. I noticed a writing error. "life", not "live".
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Nov 07 2014 - 21:29
First interactive game with real life motion picture action.
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Nov 07 2014 - 21:28
Notes: The video was compressed, since the fair quality. The Wii version has them clear.
User avatar
By Dyslexic - Sep 21 2008 - 15:26
rocks! had it on my CDI Player
User avatar
By Manco12 - Sep 09 2008 - 19:08
well great to see this game hear
i had a copy of this game a few years ago
real fun to play your a cowboy try to clean up the street of outlaw bandits bank robber and so on a real wild west
showdown like clint eastwood movies you will have to do Quick draws and kill bad guys
to get to MAD DOG McCREE AND HIS GANG good fun

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