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The Lion King

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Name: The Lion King
Year: 1994
Publisher: Disney Software
Developer: Disney Software
Platform: SNES
Genre: Action
Total rating: 83.8% - rated 8 times
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Submitter: Doommonkey
Score: 10 points
Added: Feb 28 2006
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Cozzie
Date: Mar 01 2006 - 14:05
Score: 35 points
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The game
In this game you play as Simba, you start the game as the young Simba at pride rock having to climb a few rocks then fight a hyena there is 10 levels of platforming fun in this game, in each level Simba will start growing bit by bit into the Lion King! as Simba grows he gets a louder roar and a stronger slash, there is also 4 other characters to control during the game, during this game you will encounter all sorts of animal enemies and traps, this game can be very hard, as you will see when you fight Scar! During this game you will jump on the tree tops and battle through each level to reach your goal of becoming the Lion King!

The graphic's
The colours are clean and ideal for this game (looks like the movie) Simba looks good and so do the other animals. As close as they could get it to the movie. the colours look great, the lighting and shadows are near perfect.

The sound
If you like the music in the movie you will like the game music too, the sound effects are good, with simbas roars and the other animal sounds.

This game is more for the younger gamers even thought it is a bit hard sometimes, well..... very hard sometimes! The graphics are good and the sound is very good, it follows the same story line as the movie. This game is probably one of the best movie licensed games ever made, very colourful, animated, and cute. I would recommend this game to anyone. :)

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