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Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

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Name: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Year: 1990
Publisher: SEGA Entertainment, Inc.
Developer: SEGA Entertainment, Inc.
Platform: Genesis
Genre: Action
Total rating: 60% - rated 7 times
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Submitter: Mats_J
Score: 10 points
Added: Feb 23 2006
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Yasyas
Date: Mar 03 2006 - 23:26
Score: 20 points
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What can be said of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker?

A classic from the old megadrive days, yes - MEGADRIVE (oh, go on then - Genesis too), whewere one would play the king of pop as he strutted his stuff around villains on the quest to find children and take them safety....'ahem'.

I was glad to see that the soundtrack was intact and spews renditions of Jacksons hits, notably those used in the movie this is based upon, as are his 'UH' OOH' and OW sound effects. But seriously, if you were a fan of Jackos and still have a little love - this maaay be the main draw here - as there are some classics 'BAD', 'Beat it', 'Smooth Criminal' - and not too tinny either.

Levels are basically the same all the way through - a product of its time - not that this takes anything away from it.

There is no denying it, there is still a certain addictive nature to this game, as you basically dance around levels, save kiddywinks, wait for Bubbles to appear on your shoulder and dispatch a little pixelated Joe Pesci's minions.

This all culminates in the end of level bonanza where Jacko gets them all dancing to smooth criminal and they all drop at his feet.

Bright graphics, great for the time, but its the silky animation that sells it. Also, the slightly surreal disturbing edge the game now has due to recent events.....really Michael, shunning away women in hot cocktail dresses? Turning those children's frowns upside downs? Turning into a

7/10, but for nostalgia's sake - 10/10

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User avatar
By WolftheWidowmaker - Aug 16 2007 - 17:51
I could play this game just for the MIDI songs!

But honestly, any game where Michael can turn into a giant mecha shooting laser beams out of his eyes will have me hooked!  ^^
User avatar
By Kitt543 - Feb 20 2007 - 19:35
good game i like it you have to remmber we have all the cool 3D games now but back then they were learing
User avatar
By Car1car2 - Jul 14 2006 - 02:32
everything is true in this game except for the fact that he is SAVING the girls
User avatar
By Figdiddy17 - May 25 2006 - 03:17
It is one of the worst games i've ever played, why would you put that kinda game on here anyway?
User avatar
By Dragonman4 - May 14 2006 - 11:43
It's scary to know that video games can predict the future. :D It's an alright game but gets kinda boring doing the same thing over and over

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