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Star Wars: Tie Fighter

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Name: Star Wars: Tie Fighter
Year: 1994
Publisher: LucasArts
Developer: LucasArts
Platform: PC
Genre: Simulation
Total rating: 79.6% - rated 50 times
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Submitter: Mikeicarus
Score: 10 points
Added: Feb 20 2006
Warez status: Warez

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User avatar
By Brokendownflier - Nov 06 2011 - 20:28
This game is ESA protected and will not be available to download on CGN. Anyone uploading this game will NOT get points for doing that.

Do not post links to places with this game for download nor ask for it to be emailed to you as those comments will be deleted.

Before anyone else bitches, this site is for more than just full downloads; we do include things like patches, walkthroughs or other info.
User avatar
By Chie - Apr 11 2011 - 02:53
Wow! Thank you for posting this I have dearly missed this game and my old disc is scratched beyond repair. Got this running in my VPC like a charm. This game is still my favourite of the Star Wars flight sim games.

Take that Rebel Scum!  -evil-
User avatar
By HilyardC1 - Jan 13 2011 - 02:13
I also use DAEMON Tools, I was immediately told there was an "error in the command line". No Idea what that means.

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