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Cannon Fodder 2

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Name: Cannon Fodder 2
Year: 1994
Publisher: Virgin Games
Developer: Sensible Software
Platform: PC
Genre: Action
Total rating: 71.1% - rated 33 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: May 22 2004
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Res
Date: Jun 05 2004 - 20:23
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Another great classic. What you have to do here is walk around with some little soldiers and shoot bad guys down, blow up buildings and complete the mission. This sounds cool, right? well I can say this game is cool. When you start you only have to control a couple of soldiers later you have to control a whole team of soldiers, you even have to split up your soldiers in different groups later in this game.

What you have do with those soldiers is shoot some bad guys down and blow up some buildings but this is not very simple for example when you want to blow up a building you need a grenade, well you need a grenade but how do you get it? sometimes you have to search a long time before you finally found a grenade but after that you will also find out that you only have a couple of grenades so you have to be very specific, only use grenades when it's needed not just for fun.

Next to the grenade thing you can also get rockets, with those rockets you can kill enemies from a long distance which is pretty cool especially because of the camera position that's used for this game, a sort of top view camera position. With special thanks to this camera position you are able to see enemies coming up from far... well far when you see them they will be in front of you in a couple of seconds but the time between this is long enough to open fire.

In the beginning this game is pretty simple you just have to kill some enemies and blow up some small buildings that's it, but later you have to complete much more difficult missions which makes this game very difficult too. The later levels are almost unbeatable something I dislike, that's why I always used a trainer when I was a little boy ;-)

This is a great game with one weak point it doesn't run on any Windows version so you need a DOS computer... but when you use the latest release (latest when I wrote this review) of DOSBox (v0.60) you will also be able to run this game under Windows! I want to say try this game when you have a DOS computer or know how DOSBox works.

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By Bboy_sonik - Jul 15 2009 - 09:55
Legendary. Gets HARD though on the later levels!

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