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Name: Strife
Year: 1996
Publisher: Velocity Inc.
Developer: Rogue Entertainment
Platform: PC
Genre: 3D Shooter
Total rating: 73.8% - rated 30 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: Mar 17 2005
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Old_gamer
Date: May 07 2005 - 11:23
Score: 50 points
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Strife is one of those older games loved by many even younger gamers. The graphics may be dated, still looks pretty good, if you don´t play it full screen on a 21 inch sreen. The world of strife is a 3D world, you have full freedom of movement, in a world of conflicts, heated up by the revolution against « The Order », a brotherhood of mutated humans supported by their guardians, armed and armored, touchy soldiers.

It is situated in a medievel and a high-tech environement. You play in a first person view, without being in a classic first person shooter.
Strife is kind of a doom that certainly isn´t a doom at all.

Let me explain this:
Sometimes you better run in and go heavy on the violent side of the game, kill the opponent, and kill him fast, no mercy. Not always, most of the time you will have to carefully think over what you´re next move will be, kill the wrong person, or even being a bit to violent can cause you to be targetted by the guardians. At some places you can´t escape, kill one guardian and you will get a whole bunch of them after you, with only one rule: take you down.

Also they have a nasty habit to spawn at keyplaces, letting you fight a lost fight, you cannot win against them. At other places you have to kill them, no choice there, you have to find out by yourself what´s the appropiate way to handle the situation. The confusing plot of this game shows from your first moves: you will have to kill the two first guardians you encounter. It is you or them, no choice. Be aware on the next encounters with guardians, most of them ignore you, don´t get yourself in a unneeded battle with them, you gonna get hurt.

I suppose the plotmakers did this on purpose as a kind of a warning, you never knows what comes up next, tactics? Or violence? Killing or getting killed? The passants can be a well of information. Yet here again: can, not always. Some of them you really need getting involved with, others you better avoid. Some are very helpfull, others setting the alarm on and get´s you pursued by the guardians. In fact you are obliged from the beginning to choose a side, the first armement you obtain is by agreeïng to steal, i don´t gonna give away the plot, so you will have to discover for yourself the what and how.

The game is certainly worth a good try, it´s a relieve after all the `look what we can do´ newer games, it has a good plot and great gameplay.
When you consider that the new games released ower days are judged as `good for 20 or 30 houres ` playing time, here you have the opportunity to get a game that you won´t finish in even a week or two.
One advise: don´t use the cheats ,they are real spoilers.

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User avatar
By Evillus - Apr 29 2016 - 21:31
thanks everyone for putting this up for free! XD
User avatar
By Vig1lante - Oct 23 2010 - 22:27
This Is like The Fallout 3 and Borderlands of all MS DOS Games. I played it and I loved it, the story was Brilliant and The Gameplay is very similar to Doom and Other games like Heretic and Hexen.
User avatar
By MEGA_GAMER - May 09 2010 - 12:31
a classic, 8.3/10
User avatar
By Dangerous450 - Jan 14 2010 - 19:35
hmm havent seen a game like this from the doom-ish times
User avatar
By XLonerX - Jun 18 2007 - 11:43
Ahh...good old days...still playing it over and over again...i never get tired of playing it  :D

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